Give Me Love

Jessie Richards doesn't have the best life at home, a dead mom and an abusive father. She decides to run away. But one car crash could change her whole life.


12. One Direction!!

3 Months Later

Marcel's P.O.V.

It has been 3 months since Jessie has been knocked into a coma and I haven't left the room since. Harry stops by every Monday and Thursday unless he has to go to the studio or something. Then he just comes the next day.

Mom has tried many times to get me out of this claustrophobic room, but being the stubborn person I was, she never won. I stay in this room day and night. I have clothes, hygiene essentials, a bathroom. everything I need but food and water. The nurse is kind enough to bring me meals, and I just pay for them at the end of the week. I don't want Jessie to wake up when I'm not there.

Harry and I have arranged for me to meet his band tomorrow. I still think that they wont except me, but Harry says that they are really nice. He said that one of them was even bullied when he was younger.

The doctor's still say that they don't know when she will wake up, but her progress is good. I still don't understand how you can monitor a person's progress while they are in a coma, but to be honest, I've never really been interested in doctoring.

Suddenly the door opened and happy Harry bounced into the room. Seeing him happy automatically made me feel happy. His moods were contagious. The reason I wasn't depressed from Jessie's coma was because I still had hope. She had to wake up.

"Hello Marcel!" he chirped. He was excited about something.

"Hi." I said, curious as to why he acting like this.

"Why are you here? It's Friday." I asked.

"Oh well Simon made some unexpected plans for tomorrow, but we have today free. So I thought my band could possibly come by today?" he asked with cute puppy dog eyes.

I sighed. I didn't have anything better to do.

"Sure, why not?" I said knowing that I couldn't win this battle.

"Good, because they're in the hall." he said leaving to get his friends.

I immediately stood up and straightened my plain white shirt.

Harry came back in with four other boys. They all looked in their twenty's.

"Boys this is Marcel. He's my cousin." Harry said.

"Hello!" a boy with brown hair and blue eyes said. From first impression, he seemed outgoing and fun.

"Nice to finally meet you! I'm Louis!" he said loudly, jutting his hand out for me to shake.

I mumbled a 'hello' and shook his hand.

"Oh he seems shy!" Louis said, making me embarrassed.

Another boy with chocolate brown eyes with a Snapback on came up to me and shook my hand.

"I'm Liam. Sorry for Louis's behavior." he said with a quieter voice than Louis's. I liked this guy better, he seemed nothing like Louis. Not that I didn't like Louis.....

"Hello I'm Zayn." said a boy with black hair that stood straight up and chestnut eyes. He seemed pretty normal.

"And I'm Niall." said a boy dye blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. He had a different accent. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. You see, I'm not that good with accents. Niall seemed quite childlike, but in a good way.

After I shook Niall's hand, I looked at Harry, knowing that he would explain the strange accent.

"Oh, Niall's Irish." Harry cleared up. I nodded my head in understanding. I wonder if they would ask about Jessie. I really didn't want to explain it to some strangers.

"How old are you lad?" Niall asked.

"19." I answered. I was like Harry when it came to awkwardness.

"How about you guys?" I asked, saying the question that came to mind.

"22 in December." Louis answered.

"20." Niall said

"21." the boy with black hair said. I couldn't remember his name.

"20." Liam said.

I nodded my head. Then a question came to the front of my mind that I kept meaning to ask Harry.

"Did you guys start out as a group on the X-Factor or......." I trailed off .

"Actually we all started individually, but Simon said (hehe) that we could either be a group, or we could go home, and of course we chose to be a group." Louis said.

"Oh." was all I said.

"GUYS!" Harry shouted.

I looked at him, he was looking at Jessie. I whipped my head toward Jessie. Her hand was moving.

Jessie's P.O.V.

This felt so weird. I could only hear voices. But the voices had become more and more fuzzy.

I had no track of time, which bothered me.

It felt like I was a sleeping ghost.

Suddenly, a light appeared, this felt like a dream.

The light started taking form a woman, a beautiful woman.

"Mom?" I called out to the woman. She did look a lot like my mom.

"Jessie!" she exclaimed in happiness.

"Listen to me Jessie! You have to decided!" she said, her voice sounding urgent.

"Ok!" I said, not loosing the feeling if pure excitement from seeing my mother.

"You need to choose between waking up or staying in this dark pit." she said.

"You mean I have to choose between living and dying?" I asked in disbelief.

"Yes! Hurry!" she said getting more and more desperate.

"Here." she said, holding her hands, palm upwards, towards me. In each of her hands was one button. One said 'life' and one said 'death'.

I quickly made a pro and com list in my head.

If I pressed 'death' then I could stay with my mom forever, but I would never meet One Direction. But those chances were slim anyways. If I pressed 'life' then I would be in loads of crap with my dad for attempting to run away, and no telling what he would do to me.

My hand came down to hit the 'death' button, when an invisible force pushed my hand in the opposite direction, forcing my hand to press the dreaded 'life' button.

"NO!" I screamed before a brilliant flash of light covered my vision.

Suddenly I had strength, it felt like waking up in the morning. But only certain parts of my body wanted to wake up, starting with my right hand.

Marcel's P.O.V.

Once it had processed in my head that Jessie was waking up, I turned to the other boys.

"You guys cant be in here when she wakes up!" I shouted at them.

"Why not?" Harry asked.

"She is a HUGE Directioner! She will get overwhelmed if she sees you guys!" I said desperately trying to get them out of the small room.

Everyone looked at Harry.

"He's a smart kid, he knows what he's talking about. Go! Go! Go!" he said ushering them and himself out of the room.

"We'll get a doctor." Harry called to me when he was halfway out the door.

I nodded and turned back to Jessie. Only small parts of her body were waking up individually. This would take a minute or two.

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