Give Me Love

Jessie Richards doesn't have the best life at home, a dead mom and an abusive father. She decides to run away. But one car crash could change her whole life.


15. Nando's

Harry's P.O.V.

"BUT HARREH I'M HUNGAREH!" shouted Niall.

"I hear you!" I yelled back.

Niall hasn't complained all day without being hungry, so I gave him this chance to whine and be hungry all he wants.

I was currently getting ready in my my room to take him to whatever restaurant his stomach desired. I was staying at his flat for the weekend because Louis wasn't feeling well and wouldn't let me help him.

 I picked out some of my signature black, skin tight skinny jeans, a loose black shirt, and some brown, scuffed up boots. Then, I grabbed the hair gel and started positioning my hair in a wind-swept look. After that, I started jogging down the stairs.

When I got down to the last step, I looked up to see Niall spread across the couch, the back of his hand was pressed against his forehead, and his other laid on his stomach in a dramatic fainting pose. His eyes were closed and his legs were spread in odd directions

I laughed quietly and silently walked towards the couch.

"Niall." i whispered in his ear. He didn't even flinch.

I poked him in eye, causing him to wince.

I suppressed a laugh and leaned in close to his ear.

"NIALLER!" I screamed.

He immediately jumped to his feet.

"AH! Harry! Did you have to burst me ear drums?" he exclaimed, brushing off his shirt.

At that moment I busted out laughing.

"How-how long have you been like that?" I gasped.

"Since you told me that you heard me." he said flatly.

That only made me laugh harder.

"Stop laughing and take me to Nando's!" he demanded.

"O-ok." I said regaining my breath, still smiling as we walked out.

Marcel's P.O.V.

Once we got out onto the parking lot, Jessie helped me haul my luggage into the trunk.

"So, where are we going?" she asked, getting to the passenger seat.

"Can't tell." I said.

"Urgh." she groaned.

The rest of the car ride was silent. Once we were almost there, I decided break the ice.

"Do you remember anything else today?" I asked.

"No, not really."  she said.

"Do you know a band called One Direction?" I asked nervously.

"Um, I think I went to their concert last year." she said thoughtfully.

"Oh." I said, pulling into Nando's.

I heard her gasp when she saw the sign.

"Nando's!" she screeched.

I laughed at her.

"When's the last time you ate here?" I questioned.

"I was still eating their kid's meals." she said in amazement.

She suddenly grasped tightly onto my wrist, dragging me inside.

Once we got inside she yanked me towards a the register.

"Hello, how may I help you today?" the person fake smiled.

Jessie looked at me helplessly. I immediately understood. Jessie has social anxiety. She can't even order pizza over the phone.

"Yes I want two peri-peri chickens please." I said confidently.

"What would you like to drink?" he asked.

"What do you want Jessie?" I whispered.

"Coke." she squeaked.

"Two cokes." I said.

"Ok we will bring you meal right to you table." he said.

"Thanks." I mumbled.

Jessie was halfway towards a table when she gasped.

"What? What is it?" I asked, concerned.

"Those guys look REALLY familiar!" she exclaimed.

"Where?" I asked.

"Over there!" she said nodding to a table towards the back with her head.

My eyes followed the direction of her nod. In the back were two guys. They were both in deep conversation. Jessie was right. They did look familiar. I didn't see who it was until one of them turned their head towards me.



Harry's P.O.V.

Once we got in there, Niall had ordered and jogged to a table in the back.

"Why do you want to sit back here?" I asked him.

"I don't want anyone to recognize us." he said.

"Oh." I stated.

We both sat down and started talking.

"When do you think we will be able to see Jessie?" Niall asked.

"I don't know, why?" I asked, suddenly suspicious.

He just shrugged.

I felt someone staring at me so looked around. Marcel was standing there. With a girl......

She looked frustrated, like something was on the tip of her tongue, but she couldn't place it.

I caught on quickly, instantly realizing that it was Jessie standing there. In front of us. When she wasn't suppose to see us.

I widened my eyes at the fear of what would happen if she saw us.

I looked at Marcel for assistance. He looked shocked but surprisingly relaxed at the situation.

He slowly started walking towards us with Jessie. Jessie looked excited to see us but she wasn't acting like a fan would. But as soon as Marcel started walking towards us, fear struck her face.

"Hi guys. This is Jessie. Jessie this is Niall and Harry." he said pointing to us.

Jessie shyly waved at us.

I looked at Marcel curiously.

"She doesn't remember." he mouthed.

I nodded in understanding.

"Would you like to sit with us?" Niall asked them.

I wasn't objecting...

Jessie whipped her head towards Marcel with hopeful eyes.

He was about to object when he caught a glimpse of Jessie's pleading expression.

"Ok." Marcel sighed.

Niall and I smiled. I think he was smiling for the same reason I was...

Jessie was certainly very shy. But seeing how at ease Marcel was with us, she loosened up.

Our food got there surprisingly at the same time, so we all ate in a comfortable silence, until Jessie gasped.

Jessie's P.O.V.

We all were eating in a comfortable silence.

I still couldn't place where I knew those guys from. It was driving me insane. I felt like I should know them.

Out of nowhere, images started clouding my vision. Pictures of the past and the present. Everything I didn't remember hit me all at once.





Marcel's mom.

One Direction..

I couldn't help the thoughts and memories that kept overwhelming me, tipping me farther and farther over the edge.

I remembered everything!

I looked at everyone around me with a shocked look plastered onto my face.

It was all to much.

I couldn't take it.

Suddenly the world went black and my whole body went numb.

All I remember was my ground landing with a loud thump on the cold floor.






A/N: I'm sorry this chapter was short. I think I'm getting writer's block again :(.




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