Give Me Love

Jessie Richards doesn't have the best life at home, a dead mom and an abusive father. She decides to run away. But one car crash could change her whole life.


5. Marcel

Marcel's P.O.V.

"Be careful." she said. Then I left.

I took of running towards my house.

I would do anything for Jessie. She's the most amazing person ever, kind, sweet, beautiful, everything.

Truth is ever since Jessie walked into that fifth grade classroom I've had a crush on her. But over time, it has become more than a crush. I think I love her.

I don't understand how her dad can hit and yell and someone like Jessie. And the terrible thing is, is that Jessie believes her dad and she thinks that she deserves all the hitting.

She doesn't.

Bye the time I got to my house I immediately started trying to figure out how I was going to fit the table through the door.

Maybe I can just push it through.

But that would make to much noise.

But then I had an idea.

I quickly, but quietly, went to my room.

I grabbed one of my old nightshirts that doesn't fit me anymore and cut 4 squares out of it.

Then I went back downstairs and put each of the squares under each of the legs.

Good thing we have tile floors.

I pushed the table to the door noiselessly.

It fit!

after I got the table out the door I went back inside and ran up to my room to get my glasses.

Can't forget those.

"Marcel?" I heard a feminine voice say.

I knew my mom was a heavy sleeper so she probably doesn't even know what she's doing right now.

"Mom, go back to bed, your dreaming."

"Ok." she said.


After I made my may back downstairs I loaded the table onto the truck and started strapping it down with rope so it wouldn't fall out.



Jessie's P.O.V.

I waited for Marcel to get back.

Where is he? Its been almost 45 minutes!

"Jessie." I heard a sleepy, groggy voice say.

Oh no! Hes awake! What do I do!

I quickly darted out of the living room and into the kitchen.

I quickly looked in the cabinets for something that would spark some creativity inside of me to figure out what to do.

Then I got to the medicine cabinet.

I looked at all the medicine labels. Wait was I stalling?

I was about to put all the medicines down and walk into the living room to face the problem when one certain medicine caught my eye.

Sleeping pills.

Wait, why do we even have those? Oh yeah. He takes them every night.

"Jessie!" my dad kind of yelled. I knew he didnt yell because of the hangover he was probably having.

I quickly filled up a glass of water and got out 2 sleeping  pills and ran back into the living room.

"Here dad, these will make you feel better." I said. I felt like a mom trying to trick her kid into eating something they secretly put medicine in.

"Should've been here sooner!" he said. "And this better be the good kind. The Advil. It takes the nausea and the headache away." he mumbles to himself.

Does he always talk to himself like that?

I looked at the medicine label again.

"May take 1-3 hours to work." I read aloud.

What!? Wasn't this stuff supposed to work fast!?

"Jessie!" dad yelled.

"Yes dad?" I said.

"You didn't give me the Advil! I still have the headache you worthless piece of crap! What did you give me?" he said.

"Um, I-I gave you the Advil dad, I promise!" I said. Ouch. Who knew lying hurt so bad? I never lie!

"Liar!" he said.

Then I heard a truck pull up and a car door slam.

"I just remembered, we don't even have Advil!" he yelled.


"What the heck did you give me!?" he shouted.

Then he yawned.

"Um, I'm not sure, let me go check."

"Are you freaking kidding me!? You don't even know what you gave me! Y-You could kill me! Some of the medicines in there are things that alcoholics don't need to take!"

"Then why do we have them!" I retorted.

I saw anger flash in his eyes from my answer.

"BECAU-" he started. But he didn't get to finish before Marcel walked in.

                     Marcel's P.O.V.

I finally arrived at Jessie's house.

I got out and started untying the table. I wonder what we would've done if I didn't have the same table. Hmm I didn't want to think about that.

Once I had untied the table and set it on the ground, I realized that we needed to get the old table out first.

It was almost 5:00 in the morning now. He passed out at midnight. Well that's the time Jessie said he passed out.

I realized that we were on a time limit.

From what Jessie said, her dad wakes up soon when he passes out from alcohol.

We need to hurry. I ran inside to get Jessie. Two heads are better than one. Or however that saying goes.

I opened the door to her house.

Well this scene wasn't good.

Jessie had obvious tears in her eyes and had an expression of worry and fear and panic on her face. I looked over to her dad and her dad looked completely furious.

"Now who the heck is this!? And what is he doing in my house?" he yelled.

Well this is awkward.

I did the only thing I could think of. And I knew it would work because almost every character in every movie did it.

"I'm, um, the cleaning service!" I said.

"Did she call you because she was to lazy to clean herself?" he said. I was expecting smoke to come out of his ears any second now.
"Um no, um she said that she needed some things to be organized and she didn't know what they were so she called me because I will probably know what they are." I said.

"What?" he said.

"He came to organize the medicine cabinet since I don't know what some of the medicines are." Jessie said.

"You got that right. Well what are you waiting for? Do your job!" he said.

Then me and Jessie when in the kitchen and started to organize the medicine cabinet until her dad fell asleep.



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