Give Me Love

Jessie Richards doesn't have the best life at home, a dead mom and an abusive father. She decides to run away. But one car crash could change her whole life.


11. Bonds and explanations

      Marcel's P.O.V.

I aroused to someone shaking my shoulder and calling my name.

"I'm up, I'm up, mm." I mumbled in a groggy morning voice. I opened my eyes to see my mom standing there with her arms crossed and something in her hand.

"You've got quite some explaining to do." She said right off the bat. Well this was going to be fun.

"What's in your hand?" I asked, changing the subject.

"McDonald's. I thought you would get hungry since you ran out of the house at 5 in the morning and now its.." She checked the time on her phone. "1:16."

"Oh, yeah I guess that I'm a bit hungry." I stated.

"I'll give it to you when you explain." she said, getting impatient.

 Marcel's Mom's P.O.V. (A.K.A. Charlotte)

Marcel was obviously having trouble with where to start. I had no idea what the situation was. My son randomly ran out of the house, he calls and tells me that Jessie is in a coma, and I come into the room to see the a sleeping Harry, a beaten up Jessie, and a worn-out Marcel. I know a lot about Jessie's life. I know how her dad treats her and I know that her mom died, I know she's in depression, and I know she's bullied. Marcel tells me a lot of things. I love Jessie like she's one of my own.

"Well," Marcel said after what seemed like years. "Harry was coming home from the mall with his girlfriend Elizabeth and they saw a girl in the road, Harry tried to swerve to keep from hitting her but they did. They called an ambulance and came to the hospital with her. Then she was diagnosed with, Jessie having no severe injuries, but in a coma from hitting her head. They had to do immediate brain surgery, and all went well, it didn't take to long. After a while Harry and Elizabeth decided to see if there was any  family they could call, but as soon as they asked about her the girl at the desk went to get the doctor and the doctor said that some investigators looked through her backpack and saw clothes, food, water, etc., so they concluded that she was running away. So, yeah." he finished

I was shocked. I couldn't speak. I couldn't move. I was completely flabbergasted. My mouth stood agape while I starred at Marcel with wide eyes.

My brain was slowly processing all of the new information.

"When will she wake up?" I asked.

"Th-they said that they don't know." he stuttered. Then I realized that this situation must be pretty hard for him.

"Well, here." I said, handing him Mcdonald's that got him.

"Did you get me a drink?" he asked.

"Oh, I forgot that, but you can have some of my water." I said, pulling my half full bottle of water out of my purse. No, its not weird that I carry water in my purse.

"Thanks." he said after a long gulp of water.

"Welcome." I said, getting sleepy myself.

Harry's P.O.V.

I woke up to voices talking. Who was here now?

"Welcome." I heard a feminine voice say. Was Jessie awake? Was Elizabeth back? I really didn't want to deal with Elizabeth now.

I sat up in the squeaky bed.

"Oh, hello Charlotte! Its good to see you again!" I said genuinely glad to see the woman that I haven't talked to since age 12.

"Ah, Harry! Good to see you again too!" she said duplicating my tone of happiness.

"What brings you here?" I said, trying to avoid awkwardness. Well that's a stupid question, I thought to myself.

"Oh, well Marcel here," she began gesturing to Marcel. "just filled me in on the whole situation."

"Oh, yes, its quite....." I started, "horror-filled." I finished, trying to show off my vocabulary.

She just laughed and said "Did you mean something like.... horrendous?" she managed to get out in between giggles.

"Oh, yes." I said trying, trying to cover-up my embarrassment. Which by the way is not easy when you blush at every single thing.

"So how have you been?" she asked. Well this was going to take quite some explaining.

"Well when I had that away trip with my family, I tried out for the X-factor." I said, not really excited while explaining the complicated story.

"Really. I hear that no one really makes it on that show. The only people that I have heard of that made it big was that boyband One Direction. To be honest they sound better as a group than they do individually. My sister's daughter-in-law is obsessed with that boyband. You know, she made me listen to each if their auditions but I never caught their names." she rambled on. That woman was always one to talk. "Anyways you were saying?"

Marcel and I shared an amused, knowing glance.

"Well on that show Simon Cowell paired me with four other boys, and I came up with the name for our group ." I summarized.

"Oh really? What was the name?" she asked curiously.

"One Direction." I said, studying her face for any emotion.

After I had said the name she stared at me, mouth agape with wide eyes an hand over her heart.

"Oh my goodness Harry!" she exclaimed after getting over some of her shock.

"Well I apparently have been majorly out of date." she said.

"Yeah girl you need to update!" I said snapping my fingers in a Z formation.

Marcel and Charlotte laughed at my diva impression.

"Oh well I should get going. How long will you be staying Marcel?" she asked.

I saw Marcel facial expression harden.

"As long as it takes." he said bluntly.

Charlotte clapped her hands together, not even trying to argue with Marcel.

"Alright, well I should be going." announced to no one particular. Then she turned to Marcel. "I'm coming to check on you at noon tomorrow, I will bring you a bag of your clothes and some money for food. Ta-ta." she said, sounding like an annoying woman in her 40's.

After she had left, I turned to Marcel.

"Would you like to meet the lads?" I asked, rather straight forward.

"Who?" he asked, obviously taken aback by the sudden question.

"My band. They are my best mates." I explained.

"They won't accept me." he said sadly.

Now it was my turn to be taken aback.

"Now why wouldn't they?" I pressed

"Harry look at me. I'm nerdy. With broken glasses, a sweater vest, and high- waisted khaki's. And you friends are the biggest boy band in the world. The wont except me." he said.

Was he always this insecure?

"Marcel, you used to be confident, what happened since I've been gone?" I asked cautiously.

He sighed and studied my concerned expression before making the decision to speak.

"After you left people started realize that you weren't there to protect me anymore, so they started picking on me. Well words hurt but not as much as their fists." he said staring at nothing.

"You mean they started hitting you?" I asked, almost immediately getting angry.

He said nothing, just lifted his shirt to reveal a bruised torso.

"Who was it?" I demanded. I wasn't leaving here without a name.

"Daniel Kultz." he said. But his face held an emotion that I couldn't quite place my finger on. But I just shrugged it off. All I was focused on in that moment was how I was going to kill this Daniel kid.

Marcel's P.O.V.

I felt terrible for lying to Harry. But I couldn't tell him that it was Josh Simmings. He would het beaten to a pulp.

When he asked for a name I immediately started racking my brain for a name that didn't belong to anyone I knew.

But come on! Daniel? That name is way to common!

On the other side, Harry seemed so caught up in his own thoughts that he seemed to forget about the whole me-meeting-his-band thing.

"Are you staying the night again?" I asked Harry, snapping him out of his own thoughts.

Don't get me wrong I love Harry being here, I just cant sleep on the chair again.

"Oh, no, I better get home. Mother is probably going mad." he said. I chuckled at the thought of Anne acting how my mom had just an hour ago.

"Ok, well i'll see you later?" I said, more of a question than a statement.

"Yeah, sure. I'll come by often, to, you know, see you." he said awkwardly.

"I giggled at his attempt to not sound like a girl.

"Ok see ya later." I said.

"Bye." he said, making his way out the door.

I really hadn't realized how tired I was until Harry left. I left my place on the chair and laid down on the bed. It seemed as if as soon as my head his the pillow, I fell into a deep sleep.



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