The Eyes of Vampires

You live a life as a teenage girl named Brook, Carter. She lives with a foster family who doesn't even care about her and leave her in a aboden home due to the foster families religion, what will happen as she meets something's she wasn't suppose to meet, read to find out!


3. It's a human! The boys introduction.

Liam POV

       me and the boys were talking in the dining room about the next time we should go hunting, for humans, since we're Vampires. Then I heard noise come in and we all hid. There was a girl, she looked about as old as we would be if we were human. Hmmmm this one acts different I notice, she seems braver than the rest. 

Zayn POV

        My eyes are probably red right now. She looks so yummy, hah more dinner for us, I love easy catches!

 Louis POV

        You know I really wish that humans could like just not be so scare of us, even though we eat them.

 Harry POV

       Haha his one is hot an looks delicious! Wow look at how good her breast look, I'm sucking those things first.

Niall POV 

       I don't eat humans, I only eat non cute animals. I wish we could live in peace and harmony with the humans but not everyone always gets their way.

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