The Eyes of Vampires

You live a life as a teenage girl named Brook, Carter. She lives with a foster family who doesn't even care about her and leave her in a aboden home due to the foster families religion, what will happen as she meets something's she wasn't suppose to meet, read to find out!


4. Hey guys! Instructions!

Hey guys Im the author, Alexis! This may be a bit confusing so read closely. In the story there will be different stories. You can pick which story line you want! There will be different sections in the book that start off whoever you want to fall in love with! So you just skip the pages until it'll say at the top the person you want a story with, each story is different! Example: LOUIS STORY-LINE. That what it will say at the top, now my book is not finished yet so I might not have all of them yet but read as you wish!

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