The Eyes of Vampires

You live a life as a teenage girl named Brook, Carter. She lives with a foster family who doesn't even care about her and leave her in a aboden home due to the foster families religion, what will happen as she meets something's she wasn't suppose to meet, read to find out!


7. HARRY STORY-LINE section 3

Brook POV

          I woke up, got dressed, and went to go help Niall clean. After a whirl I was called to Harry's captain office. I walk down to his office and knock. He then yells, "come in!" I turn the door nob and walk in and stand in front of him. He then says, "ummm I just wanted to inform you we're going to be going to an island to look for a really special necklace. You will be coming with us and so umm you'll have to be stayin with me throughout the whole thing! So umm you get the feel of what we do everyday." I nod my head and say, "yes sir..... Oh I mean Harry." He smiles that I corrected myself, and I leave. Why do I have to stay by him the whole time? Later on that day we landed on a island. Me and Harry stayed together while the others boys split up throughout the island. I was a bit scared, but I got to be brave! I walked next to Harry my my hands starting to become ice cold and I became shaky.

Harry POV 

       I realized that this island is covers with snow and Brook doesn't have an warm clothes on. I have to keep her warm. I grab her hand and we enter a cave.

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