The Eyes of Vampires

You live a life as a teenage girl named Brook, Carter. She lives with a foster family who doesn't even care about her and leave her in a aboden home due to the foster families religion, what will happen as she meets something's she wasn't suppose to meet, read to find out!


6. HARRY STORY-LINE section 2

Brook POV

        in the morning I woked up and decided to walk around the ship a little. So I did and when I did I saw Harry giving orders on the front deck I heard Louis yell, "there's a storm coming!" I the saw a bunch of clouds turn grey in a most of rain then It started pouring and the wind blew hard I fell to the ground, I couldn't get up cause of the force of the rain and wind. Then I was picked up and brought inside my room. I realize that Harry did that, I thanked him and he left before I knew it. Probably to go give more orders to everyone. His is scary but I'll have to learn to be more brave. But did Harry just save me, did he actually want to? Nah I doubt that.

(info: you and Harry relationship 0+1)

I finally decided to go out and help, so I walk out into deck and saw it was even worse! I ran up to Harry with all my force and asked, "I'll help......please....."  Then right before I passed out I heard him say, "DAMNIT!" 

I woke up th next morning and Harry was in my room standing next to my bed. He then says, "that was a stupid move, you almost got yourself killed, listen you need to know your limits, you still only human." I look at the ground and he just walks out of the room. I sighed and then slipped out of bed. I walked out onto the deck, I walked up all the way to the edge of he railing on the ship and leaned over it and let the air run through my hair and my face. It felt beutiful, it was so soft and not to chilly. Then I hear a laugh behind me, I turned around and saw it was Harry. He then says, "so your getting used to it huh, but there will always be danger don't forget, people try to kill us everyday with there machines and here's other things you are still to much of a beginner to learn." I then said sarcastically, "we'll thanks for letting my couple seconds with the breeze not feel safe anymore." He said that then we both laughed. 

(info: Harry relationship 1+1)

me finally helped Niall with cleaning up the place and he thanked me. I got the rest of the day to myself. Throughout the day I realized that Zayn didn really like me. I walked up to Louis and said, "umm since I'm new here can I ask you a question?" He noded his head and smiled. Then I ask him, "why does Zayn seem to not like me?" His smile slowly faded and he says, "well Zayn can't control his thirst for blood as much as we can, it's not that he hates you it's just that he doesn't want to kill you, once you become vampire I'm sure he'll like you." I noded my head and walked away, maybe Louis is right, that's a pretty good reason. Later on that day they had a feist going on in the main hall. I only eat cooked things so I just walked into my room and sat on the bed and read a book. After a while I realized there was a knock on the door, I walk over to it and opened it, it was Harry. He then said, "I'm just making sure your ok, oh and I actually cooked something for you since your human still." I accepted the gift and thanked him, he smiled and walked away. I ate the food then went upstairs and helped Niall wash the dishes. He thanked me he. I went back into my room, I then decided to get dressed into my sleeping gown, (what I forgot was to shut my door) then I took off my shirt and then I heard someone come in my room! I turn around and saw it was Harry! We both stared at eachother for 1 we as I'm still just in my bra, we both blush and h runs upstairs and I hear him say, "I'm so sorry." I'm thinking oh my god I'm such a retard for not shutting my door." I finally got completely dressed and I decided to go onto the deck and feel the breeze again. Then Harry walks up to me and says, "um listen I'm sorry about earlier." I say quickly, "no it's my fault I should of shut my door, it's ok, we'll goodnight sir." He was my boss so I have to call him sir. He then says, "just call me a harry." I nor my head and walk back into the ship and into my room.

(Harry relationship 2+1)


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