The Eyes of Vampires

You live a life as a teenage girl named Brook, Carter. She lives with a foster family who doesn't even care about her and leave her in a aboden home due to the foster families religion, what will happen as she meets something's she wasn't suppose to meet, read to find out!


5. HARRY STORY-LINE section 1

I wake up and fine a tall curly haired pale boy standing in front of me. It startled me so I screamed. He covers my mouth and says, "shhh or I shall eat you this very moment!" What does he mean eat! He then opened his mouth and I saw fangs! His eyes turned from green to red! He..... He must be......a.....a.......VAMPIRE! I bet I turned at pale as he is right now. He then lowers his eye brows as if he was scolding me for being afraid. He then of go of my mouth and says, "I'm Harry Styles." I just slowly noded my head in fear, and then he scolded me with the eyebrow look then says, "we'll aren't you gonna tell me your name?" I stutters and said, "oh.....umm it's....... brook, Brook Carter." He noded his head as of he was pleased that I finally answerd him. I slowly tried to Stand up hoping he wasn't going to bite me. But he didn't be just said, "come one now, I'm not gonna bite you just yet, relax my dear." How the hell am I suppose to relax when he is a vampire and he tells me he is not gonna bite me, JUST YET! What a fucking moron, isn't he suppose to be like 100 years old, he should know way more than I do! He then said, "I'm the leader of a clan of vampires,  and I suppose I'll let you sort of live if, you stay and help us forever, an don't tell anyone about our presence." I think about it and slowly nod my head again, he then scolds me once more and says, "come on now! Be confident when you are making a very important decision!" I then say quickly, "yes sir." He grins with a pleased look and I can already tell we'll never be close to even friends! He then yells, "boys get in here!" Then four other boys run in and stand in a line. Harry then says, "these boys are the rest of the clan, were a very small clan, but we're all that's left from the Vanipres, the rest of the humans have killed us, we stay in disguised as a human boy band named one direction. Now ther'ye names are, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn. They all have a special role in our clan. Liam is the planner, he plans all attacks. Zayn is out hunter, he kills all of the attacks. Niall is our researcher, he doesn't like to kill so he studies up on humans and how they live, he finds it interesting for some reason. And Louis is our technical person, he drives and makes things and most of he time well be traveling on boat so he does that to. Also since Niall only researches we make him also basically our secratary, he cleans up the ship and everything we sail on." I nod my head and look at each and everyone of them.  Harry seems to think he is the bravest of them all for some reason. He then orders them to leave and they do. He then says, "I hope you know we're on a ship." I look around and I realize I'm not at that old house I was before. He then says, "I'll give you sometime to get used to things around here, then one day when your ready, your beauty will become even more beautifully cause ill turn you into a vampire." I can already tell Harry is a flirty type, but it doesn't work on me. He then says, "by the way we steal and kill for survival, we make money by stealing and we survive by eating other life forces. I noded my head knowing that one day I'll be one of them. I'm scared for when I become a vampire. But I can't change that fact. Then Harry gave me some clothes and he said you'll where these until you get your vampire clothes. Then he just stood there and I said, "umm can I get dressed now?" He noded his head quickly and said, "yeah go ahead, I don't care go ahead." I blushed and he finally said, "haha whatever I'll leave." Then he left, what the hell was that, this place is so weird.

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