The Eyes of Vampires

You live a life as a teenage girl named Brook, Carter. She lives with a foster family who doesn't even care about her and leave her in a aboden home due to the foster families religion, what will happen as she meets something's she wasn't suppose to meet, read to find out!


2. Abandon house

Brook POV

        when I woke up from sleeping on the, floor I heard ragalia yell to me, "Get down here." I got up and walked down a bunch of stairs. I finally got all the way down and when I did all I saw was black and then I had a hard time breathing, I think axel put me in a sack! All I felt wa me being thrown into a trunk of car and the car engine starting up.  Then someone was driving, either probably Ragalia or Axel. I was right then, they probably are taking me somewhere and leaving me. Then right after I thought that the car stopped and I heard he engine to off. Then I heard someone open the trunk, then I was picked up. I heard a door open then Someone took the sack of me, through me inside a abonden house, and locked the doors and they left. I look around the room in panick and saw a knife just randomly placed on the ground, what the hell is a knife doing in the middle of the the floor In abandon house? I grabbed the knife and held it the who time I looked through out  the house. This old abandon house is big, with lots of rooms, so I started with the dining room. I looked in there and when I did I heard whispering, hen as I finally completely entered the room the whispers stopped and there was no person around. I looked through out entire house and as I did I kept hearing whispering. Who is here? I don't see any org hear but my ears tell me otherwise. I finally found a nice corner and laid there and fell asleep.

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