Secret society

I felt as if someone was watching and following me. Next thing i know i am being tackled to the ground. A searing pain goes through my body. i try to scream but everything goes black...
Find out what happens next to 'Tori' in secret society.


6. Chapter 6

           It has been a couple of weeks and I notice Kyle showing more interest in me. When I got here I was warned to stay away from him. I guess supposedly he has this big idea for pure bred werewolves. So he wants to mate with a she wolf. Well that has not happened yet so...

       Oh yeah that's another thing. We have mates, but I guess you have to be at a certain age to mate unless, your mate is old enough than whether you are old enough or not you have a mate. Josh and I are just below the age to mate by a year. Kyle however is old enough.

        "Hey Josh what's up?" I say as I walk by him down the hall. "Um...good why?" "Well I didn't know if we would train today or not." "Oh. I didn't plan on it." "Ok. Well I plan on going on a run if that's ok." "Yeah sure fine." "Ok bye!"

       Technically, Josh is not Alpha. He is the soon to be Alpha. He has to have a mate first though...and because the Alpha is normally out Josh gets control b cause the beta goes with the Alpha.

      *****Three hours later*****

        Whew! I just finished an awesome run! "Hey" I say to random people as I walk to my room to get clothes so I can take a shower and cool off. "Hey" Kyle says back as I walk by. To me it seems as if he is trying to be sexy but failing. Anyways I continue to go to my room.

       Once in my room I go to my wardrobe closet. What to where? I pick out a nice black boat neck sweater and pair it with grey jeans with the knees out of them. They're a little faded too. I walk to my bathroom and turn the shower on.  I kick off my Ziggs by Reebok. I strip down to nothing but my undies and bra. I look at myself in the mirror. I look ok, I have nice toned legs and a good looking body but...scars are not pretty.

      I hop into the shower. Ahhh. Nice and cool. To a normal person this water would be freezing but because we are werewolves our skin is hotter. I hear the familiar creak of my door but don't think any about. Actually I thought that whoever it is would hear the shower and leave. I guess not.

      I hear the bathroom door open and close. Stupid me I should have locked it! "Who's there?" I ask. "Oh babe I knew I would find you in here..." Oh God! I think that's Kyle what does he want? "Don't call me babe! Is that you Kyle?" "I knew you would know it was me babe."

    He is shuffling around but if I don't actually look at him I don't know what he is doing. Suddenly I hear him step into the shower! What the hell is he doing?! "Kyle get out!" "Oh come on ba-" "Don't call me babe!" I growl through clenched teeth. By now I have grabbed the shower curtain and wrapped it around myself. He takes a step closer. "Feisty! I like it! Now come here." That shuffling he was doing earlier was him taking his clothes off! "Kyle get away from me!" "Oh come on now babe. I know you have feelings for me." Unexpectedly he yanks the curtain out of my hands. He pins me against the shower wall...

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