Secret society

I felt as if someone was watching and following me. Next thing i know i am being tackled to the ground. A searing pain goes through my body. i try to scream but everything goes black...
Find out what happens next to 'Tori' in secret society.


4. Chapter 4

         I wake up, again, out of the blackness. Except I am in the bed they gave me and not in that stupid hospital place.

         "Shhhh. I think she is waking up," I hear the voice of Josh. I open my eyes. The curtians are closed so the light doesn't blind us. "Good morning." I find Josh's face. "Morning?" "Yeah you were out all night." "Wow. I feel pretty good though, I can't even feel any pain." "That is part of being a wolf. We heal quickly. So do you think you'd be up for training?" "Oh. Yeah let me get changed..."

         I get out of bed. He and that guy that seems to follow him around every where just stand there. I gesture towards the door. This look that must be understanding comes over his face. He gestures to the other guy and they both leave.I go over to the dresser and find athletic shorts and tank top.

        God, I still can't believe it. Almost. How did I live that fall? I fell two stories. A knock brings me out of my mind rambling. "Are you decent?" Josh's muffled voice comes into the room. "Yeah." He opens the door. "Good," he says looking at me up and down while looking at my outfit. "Let's go." I follow him around the castle till we reach big double doors.

     Outside, he tells me we are to be doing simple training. He shows me some moves and tells me to copy. I over do some of them...ok all of them. He says that that's fine because newer wolves are stronger. He show me a new move to try and when I do I fall landing on top of him. Oh god. So embarrassing. I quickly get up feeling heat rise to my cheeks. God I'm stupid.

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