Secret society

I felt as if someone was watching and following me. Next thing i know i am being tackled to the ground. A searing pain goes through my body. i try to scream but everything goes black...
Find out what happens next to 'Tori' in secret society.


3. Chapter 3

     OMG! What the fuck? I have four legs! This is weird. Calm down. Calm down. Once calmed down I change back. Clothes perfectly in tacked.

     "Now do you believe me?!" Josh say this a little harshly. "It is not possible! I must be dreaming!" I yell as I run away. It is absolutely not possible. I can't let this happen! i am sleeping i will wake when i fall. Earlier when discovering my room I found that my window had a little ledge outside of it. I ran to the window and threw it open. I step out on the ledge.

     It was a little dark outside. I stepped out anyways. The wind was sorta crazy. My blue dress was blowing around crazily with the wind. "Tori! Tori! Don't!" "Why?!" I yell at Josh. "It will wake me up from this crazy dream!" "It won't work!" he yells at me from insider room. "Oh yeah how would you know!?" "Because I've tried!" This makes me pause. "Oh yeah!? Watch me try now!"

     I lean over and fall. I free fall thinking let me wake up. I fall one floor. Shit wake up! I try not to panic thinking that I will wake right before I land. I land. Everything goes black. What the hell! Not again.

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