Secret society

I felt as if someone was watching and following me. Next thing i know i am being tackled to the ground. A searing pain goes through my body. i try to scream but everything goes black...
Find out what happens next to 'Tori' in secret society.


2. Chapter 2

         After the weird orphanage wolf newbie thing the man told me that he would explain more when i was better. It has been a week I think I'm better.

        "Hello." the man says as he walks in the hospital area thing I have been staying in. "Hello sir." I say very politely because I don't know his name still. "Is there a name you go by sir?" "Oh. yeah" he says. "Josh. My name is Josh. So you ready to see your room?" he says kinda of excited. "Sure!" His excitement must be contagious.

       I follow him down this long hall. It's sort of victorian but not... Like it reminds me of a caslte almost. Stone walls, Weird candle chandeliers, and all that. There were real lights. It didn't look like the chandeliers got used much. Anyways... I continue to follow him for what seems like for ever. I am about to ask if we're there yet when, he turns one last corner and says we're here. He opens the door for me. I walk into a huge room! King sized bed! One of those old Wardrobe things! It was awesome! Beautiful and perfect.

      "So." he says startling me. I forgot he was there. "Sorry didn't mean to startle you. How do you like it?" "It is terrific!" I squel. Gosh why am I so girly at times? "Great so, there are clothes in the wardrobe. I will get you when dinner is ready. Sound good?" "Yes" I reply.

     I open the wardrobe to find: dresses, pants, blouses, and even shoes setting on the floor of the wardrobe. I dicide to wear a dress. First impressions count right? I try on a simple cream dress with black lace that i thought looked pretty. I tried on more but I settled with a silky blue dress. I smell mashed potatoes and gravy, my favorite. I also smell chicken. I must be close to the kitchen. Cool.

    When Josh comes and gets me I had explored my dresser too. It had t-shirts and jeans and shorts. It also had workout pants. Anyways...I had found makeup and had just finished putting it on when he walks in. "Wow! You look gorgous." I sense suprise in his voice. "You sound suprised by that." "Well it's just I didn't know how the clothes would look on you or even if they fit." He didn't even pause so I assume he is not lying.

     Turns out the kitchen is kinda far from my room.Makes me wonder how I could smell that? I want answers and I want them soon. Dinner was fantastic! I decide that I will ask my questions now since it is just Josh and a couple other guys, one I recognize from the other day in the hospital.

     "So..." I start off my questions. "What is this place?" Josh replies with: "This is the modern castle of King Menrow Wolf. And this is where the Secret Society maintains life." "Ok. What is the 'Secret Society'?" "The Secret Society is a program to raise newbies, like yourself, who there creator have abandon." "What do you mean newbies?" He is confusing me.

      "Wow. Your creator left you clueless. A newbie wolf." "Are you joking? I am not a wolf. Do I look like a canine with fur and teeth?" "Calm down. I am not joking. If you don't calm-" "Don't tell me to calm down! How am I suppose to calm down when I am being lied to?" Just then I lunge forward and land on all fours. Not my hands and knees either.

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