Secret society

I felt as if someone was watching and following me. Next thing i know i am being tackled to the ground. A searing pain goes through my body. i try to scream but everything goes black...
Find out what happens next to 'Tori' in secret society.


1. Chapter 1

    "Mom! I'm not a child any more!" I yell to my mom. "I know that Tori! I never said anything about you being a child!" she yells back. "Oh really what do you call 'I'm sorry honey your too young to stay at a friends when adults aren't there.'?" I raise my eyebrows at her. "I'm sorry you just can't!" "You are a total bitch! I am 17!" I yell running out the door. I need to clear my head. Screw the friends house.

     I decide to go to the park even though it's 11:00 at night. I get the felling someones watching and following. I know I shouldn't but I start to turn around. Next thing I know I am being tackled. I try to grab something while trying to knock this asshole off of me. I feel my hand on the bench that was near me. I try to grab it but my hand slips. I feel searing pain course through my body. I think he bite me! i try to scream as everything slips away into blackness.

     "Why would they pick her?" I hear a male voice say as I start to come into the light. "I don't know sir." says another male voice answering the first. "Well neither do I." the first male says he must be the leader...who were they talking about? I wondered to myself. I decideed to make my eyes flutter open. I see a man with his back to me. And hear a man say "Uh, sir?" "What!?" the man almost snaps. "She's awake." he whispers. The other man turns around.

      "Well hello." I try to say hello but my mouth is so dry. I make the motion for something to drink. the man raises his eyebrows and then says "Oh yes where are my manners?" He hands me a glass of what looks like water, I take a sip. Yup it's water.

      "Thank you" I finally say. "Miss may I ask your name?" "Well I quess you sort of just did. And it's Victoria. I like Tori though..." I say trailing off thinking of what happened last night as it started comeing back to me. "Where am I?" "Oh yes once again. You at Secret Society." "What is that?" "This my dear is a orphanage for abadoned wolf newbies. Like you."

       Like me? What the hell does that mean? Wolf newbies? Orphanage? What the hell have I gotten into this time?

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