When Alex and Felix get in a fight, Blake decides to show up and take her away from Felix. But when he goes after her, they can't get back.


2. Story

“Felix, you’re a what?” Alex shouted at me with anger; but still looking as amazing as she always had, with her long dark hair and her beautiful blue eyes.

“Look, I know it is a lot to take in, I should’ve told you earlier, I’m sorry,” I apologised

“I don’t care. It’s now that you tell me, you shouldn’t exist!” she shouted.

“Well here I am,” I replied.

“Felix; I think we just need some time apart, I just need to think about things.”

“Ok, do you want me to drive you home?” I offered.

“I’ll just walk; it isn’t that far, bye.”

“Bye,” I said quietly as she turned and walked away. I walked up to the mirror in my bathroom and looked at myself; thinking of all the things that are wrong with me, like my light brown hair, and my green eyes; she always told me she loved me, but who could love a werewolf? We are known as vile mythical creatures that will kill everyone and everything, but not all of us are evil, just the ones that still live in Shadowbell. Many years ago all of my kind lived in Shadowbell, but when the most evil of us took over; we called this time the dark days. They decided to wipe out the human race and anyone that disagreed were either banished or killed.

I glanced up at the clock that hangs on my wall, realising how late it actually was; so I walked into my room, jumped onto my bed and closed my eyes; wanting the entire day to just be a dream.

“Oi, mate, wake up!”

I opened my eyes, to see Blake my old friend that stayed in Shadowbell, he was very tall and had a strong build; he had blonde hair, dark brown eyes and had a very pale skin tone, which made it obvious that he wasn’t from around here. ”Hey,” I replied, “What are you doing here?”

“I just wanted to catch up,” he said as I got up, “Oi, who is that?” He asked pointing at the photo of Alex and I.

“Just some girl.”
“That’s more than just some girl, you know what the laws are, and you need to stop this. She knows doesn’t she?”

I didn’t even bother to answer, he already knew the answer and it was obvious that Alex knew.

“That is pathetic! You love a mortal and you have told her about our kind?” he started to yell at me, then I forced him to leave.

Half of the day had passed and I decided that I had to go talk to Alex about everything; but when I arrived at her house, she was gone. I looked all over town for her, until I found a note where we first met; it said;


You made the mistake, now I’m fixing it, that’s what mates do.

You know where I’ll be.



I realised I had to go to Shadowbell.

I sprinted to the forest, where the Shadowbridge is located; the Shadowbridge is the only portal to and from Shadowbell.  Once I finally found it I stepped into the dark cave that lead to Shadowbell, and then everything went dark and I started falling.

When I opened my eyes I was in a very dark place that had fog everywhere, which made it hard to see anything other than the shadows of the large dead trees that were spread right across Shadowbell. When I looked up I saw the full moon; which was there every night.

Suddenly I started to change into my true form. Humans always think of werewolves as big dark mysterious creatures that will kill everyone and everything in sight, when really, we are basically just wolves, just bigger and more humane, and we take a human form during daylight.

I started to run on all fours, as any wolf would; then I took a deep breath, trying to pick up Alex’s scent. I wondered for hours, trying to get even a small trace of her scent, but it wasn’t until morning that I did, which was when I changed back. I followed her scent until I knew I was close; which was just before it got dark and I knew that she would see me in my other form.

Suddenly I heard a scream coming from the direction of Alex’s scent.

“HELP ME!!!!!!” she screamed again, I waited just a few moments, knowing I was about to change.

When I did, I started to run towards her voice as fast as I possibly could; until I saw a shed. I smashed the door down and ran up to Alex; she was tied to a chair across the room with a light shining directly onto her. When I got to her I just started rubbing up against her and she started screaming again, probably thinking it was him. But Blake must have heard her, because he began to growl from behind me.

“You came?” he said, but all Alex would be able to hear is us growling at each other.

“Of course I did! Why wouldn’t I!?” I replied.

“Because it is pathetic that you love a mortal, they are so weak; we should just kill them all off. Starting with her, you didn’t agree when my father decided to wipe out their race, but now you have a second chance to do the ting that would be best for us, join me.” he growled as he turned towards her and approached her.

I leapt onto him but he quickly jumped out of the way, obviously, he had been expecting me to attack. We rolled around, biting and scratching, trying to defeat each other. Finally after a couple hours, he stopped struggling, so I stopped but I didn’t know if he was really dead or just pretending, so I dragged him out the door, out of Alex’s sight, then I found a large rock and picked it up with my mouth and began to repetitively throw it onto his neck; slowly decapitated him; and ran back into the room, leaving his dead, lifeless body and head lying in the dirt. Alex started screaming again, probably thinking I was him;

“You killed him! How could you do that?!”

I just walked out of the room again and picked up his head and hid it far away, and the same with his body. By the time I got back to Alex the sun had risen, so I walked into the room, looking human.

“You’re here!” she squealed with excitement as I untied her ropes and hugged her; then I stared into her eyes and whispered;

“I love you, and I will do anything for you to be safe.”

I took her back to the Shadowbridge, but was closed; I was stuck in Shadowbell with a human; this couldn’t end well.

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