Blood Lust Abduction

Following through the eye of Carolann and her four friend (Carter, Marissa, Briana, and Shaina) they were walking home from school when 5 guys stared come after them. The 5 men strangers knocked them out and abducted them. Carolann wakes up the next day and leaves her room to find her friends. When doing so she meets one of the 5 men. After the strange meeting she find her friends in the last room in the hallway. The rest of the story is following them as they fight with each other and fall in love with the men that took them.


2. The Men

I wake up with a headache that feels like my head is being spilt open. I open my eyes into a large room. I'm laying in a queen size bed. Without the light from the window I would not be able to see the door. As soon as I feel stable enough to stand I go to the door to find it unlocked.

I step out of the room slowly. I went to the left to find my friends. Sadly the first door I open was a bad decision. One of the men stands at the dresser. He stands aleast 6" he has jet black hair that is messy from sleep. He only has a pair of boxers on showing broad shoulders and a defined chest. He looks at me with icy blue eyes that seem to hold me in place.

"What is your name?" he ask

"It's.... Carolann" i say so quiet im not sur he hears me.

"My name is Troy. If you're looking for your friends they are in the last room." troy says

"Why am i not in the room with them?" i ask as nicely as i can.

"We ran out of room so until we get you have the boss suite."

"Where is your boss?"

"Well he isn't here at the moment... that's all im telling you."

"oh" is all i could say before i run to my friends.


I open door to see all my friends fast asleep. First i wake marissa because she needs the most time to become aware of her surronding. The best and worst way to wake her is to rip the blanket from her but the men didn't give her one. So i risk my life by jumping on her. Marissa's eyes pop open. She looks at me with murder in her eyes.

"What the hell... I' m going to kill you for this" she yells

"What you didn't have a blanket for me to take so that was the next best thing." i answer

"JUMPING on me was the next best thing you came up with why not just blow an airhorn in my ear!"

"Ok i'm sorry i jumped on you alright. Now will you shut up so i could wake everyone else up." i say

"to late for that" she says pointing to out three friends staring daggers at me and marissa.

"Sorry" i say quietly "didn't mean to wake you guys up like that."

"Ya sure you didn't," carter says to me.

"hey girls get down here and cooks us some breakfast!" i reconize the voice as Troy's. I guess he isn't as he acted.


We walk down the steps at the end of the hall. I turn the corner first  to see 4 men including Troy. He points to one guy who has curly blonde hair he wears a little long. He looks at us with emerald green eyes that seem to glow.

"That's Luke." Troy says

"This here is Jason." pointing to a man with straight brown hair, tan skin and cark brown eyes.

He introduced Wyatt, a man with red hair that seems to glow and flicker in the light. He also has amber eyes like Brianna's. Troy then introduced himself.

I stepped forward to introduce my friends I point Marissa she has hazel eyes, that are naturally red, and wavy dirty blonde hair. Then to Carter with her curly black hair and bright green eyes. Next comes Shaina, she has brown eyes and short dark brown hair. I introduce Brianna with her amber eyes and dirty blonde hair. I then continue to introduce myself with my purple eyes and long straight jet black hair. One thing that bugged me as introduced my friends is Troy wouldn't take his eyes off me.

We go into the kitchen to cook breakfast.

"Marissa you cook the eggs." I say

"Um... you do realize I suck at cooking right?"

"Yes but eggs are easy."

"Ok whatever you say."

within two minutes Marissa starts a small kitchen fire.

"Marissa! how the hell do you burn eggs!" Carter yells.

"I don't know I told you I can't cook!" She yells right back.

I hurry to stop the small fire but Troy came running in and beat me to it.

"I could take over from here, Troy." I say when I reach him.

"No it's fine it's almost out I can handle it."

After he puts out the fire he turns to me and whispers in my ear.

"Your friend need to be more careful I wouldn't want you to get injured."

"Why, am I really that important to you?"

"Yes." is all he says before he plants a quick kiss on my lips and leaves the room.

I stand dumbfounded. Why would he kiss me we only just met, plus he kidnapped me and my friends.? Who also stand in complete shock at Troy's actions

Brianna is the first to speak. "Did he just fucking kiss you?"

All I could manage was a nod

Troy yells "Finish breakfast... Now!"

We all jump up and get to work.

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