Blood Lust Abduction

Following through the eye of Carolann and her four friend (Carter, Marissa, Briana, and Shaina) they were walking home from school when 5 guys stared come after them. The 5 men strangers knocked them out and abducted them. Carolann wakes up the next day and leaves her room to find her friends. When doing so she meets one of the 5 men. After the strange meeting she find her friends in the last room in the hallway. The rest of the story is following them as they fight with each other and fall in love with the men that took them.


3. Author's note

Hi people. I must say how sorry i am for not doing anything with this stir. I have decided that I am going to start this story over, not that it was started to begin with. I gonna remove some characters and fix the plot and all that. I may also just post this story on wattpad since I'm on that all the time. I'm sure yet nor do I know how long that will take thank you to anyone that still check out this story

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