Blood Lust Abduction

Following through the eye of Carolann and her four friend (Carter, Marissa, Briana, and Shaina) they were walking home from school when 5 guys stared come after them. The 5 men strangers knocked them out and abducted them. Carolann wakes up the next day and leaves her room to find her friends. When doing so she meets one of the 5 men. After the strange meeting she find her friends in the last room in the hallway. The rest of the story is following them as they fight with each other and fall in love with the men that took them.


1. Abduction, Carolanns point of view

Today my life changed forever. I was walking home with my friends Marissa, Carter, Shaina, and Briana. It was raining and I wasn't to happy about it. My friends know I hate to get wet because I'm part dog. Well werewolf to be exact. Brianna is the same as me we are both female. We both love the sun. You would think my friend Carter being a vampire would the rain but you would be wrong. She is just as miserable as me and Briana. Shaina and Marissa are just normal humans to what I believe.

As we walk to my house I see the city bus stop up ahead. Some men get off and walk towards us. I glance to Carter into her bright green eyes. Then to Brianna with her amber eyes. We start to walk in front of our two human friends but are stopped when the strange men start firing at us I shield friends with the help of Brianna and Carter. I look at Brianna and say "We have to run!" She nods in agreement.

We all get up and sprint towards the school. I don't get far before something hard hits my and everything goes black.

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