A rising star

Ever since Lily was little she's had an undeniable love for music; she could sing, play piano, drums, and guitar. One day when she visit her cousin, Harry's recording studio she discovers a friendship between Harry and... Scooter Braun?! Blown away by Lily's talent, scooter calls up Justin Bieber to sing a duet with Lily, but when Lily's music career takes off her and Justin start to develop feeling for eachother, will they keep it to themselves? or will their whole world fall apart trying to make it work?


11. What's so funny?

•••Lily's POV•••

I was in the middle of hugging Justin and I saw his car drive up. I broke away from Justin and ran to the car. 

"Evan!!!!" I screamed. 

"Lily!" He smiled as he pulled me into a hug and kissed my forehead. 

"I missed you"

"I missed you more"

I then felt a tear slip down my cheek. 

"Baby, don't cry" he frowned as he wiped away my tears. 

"These are happy tears!" I smiled and hugged him again. 

"I love you so much" he said looking into my eyes. 

I lightly pecked him on the lips and grabbed his hand. I walked him over to Justin. 

"Justin this is Evan" I smiled. 

He gave Evan a dirty look then smiled at me. 

"Hi Evan, It's nice to meet you" he said faking a smile. 

What's his problem?

"Hey man. Has anyone ever told you that you look a lot like Justin Bieber?" He laughed. 

Justin shot me a look and I laughed. 

"He is Justin Bieber" I laughed. 

"Yeah, there's this thing in your head called a brain, it's good to use it every once in a while" Justin spat towards Evan. 

"Aye, sorry man" said Evan. 

"Um... Lets go...." I said awkwardly, trying to break the tension. 

"Yeah" Evan mumbled. 

We all got in the car. Me and Justin in the back and my mom in front with Evan. 

Evan reached over to turn on the radio. As long as you love me was on. He changed it. 

"Hey! Turn it back!" I whined. 

Evan scoffed and put it back on. 

I saw Justin smirk out of the corner of my eye and me and him started singing. 

When the song was over me and Justin started laughing. 

"You never fail to make me smile, Jay" I said looking him in the eyes. His beautiful, caramel, magical eyes. 

He smirked and winked at me. 

Then I got a text from scooter. 

*text convo*

S: You said you were going to New York, right?

L: Yeah, why?

S: There's an Island records recording studio there, maybe you could have some studio time. 

L: Okay, cool. What day?

S: Monday?

L: Yeah, that works. Thanks Scoot. 

S: Anytime. 

*end of convo*

"Justin, wanna go to the studio with me on Monday?"

"Yeah!" He exclaimed. 

"What? Studio?" Evan said confused. 

"Oh, yeah. Justin's manager signed me. His name is Scooter Braun"

"No way?!" Evan exclaimed. 

"Yes way!" I squealed. 

We finally arrived at Evan's place and by the time we got there it was about 5pm so we all got cleaned up and went to dinner. 

Since Evan didn't know Justin was coming he only had room for one and me and Justin ended up sharing a room. My mom was sleeping on the couch. 

Justin and I were in our room. He was styling his hair and I was in the bathroom changing. 

When I walked out of the bathroom Justin was sitting on the bed waiting for me. He missed one little piece of hair when he was gelling it and he looked like 'alfalfa' from the movie "little rascals"

When I saw him I burst out laughing. 

"What are you laughing at?" He asked. 

"N-n-n-nothing" I said still laughing. 

"Lilyyy!" He whined. 

I started laughing even harder. 

He then got up off the bed and walked over to me. He shut the bathroom door behind me and placed his arms on either side of me, trapping me. 

"What are you laughing at?" He whispered. 

Oh god. 

Then he smirked. 

Justin, don't do this to me. 

Then he moved his body closer to mine. 

At this point I wasn't laughing anymore. 

"I umm" I started. 

"I was just..." 

Sweet lord! He was making me speechless. 

"You uh..." I continued. 

"Hair" I mumbled. 

"My hair?" He smirked. 

Then Evan walked in. Right at the WRONG time. 

"What the hell are you doing?" He asked Justin. 

"Evan..." I started. 

"Lily, I wasn't asking you!" He snapped. 

"Hey! Don't talk to her like that!" Justin said, walking in Evan's direction. 

"Justin stop" I said. 

"I'm sorry" He mumbled. 

"It's okay, you didn't do anything wrong. Evan, what do you need?" I said politely. 

"I just wanted to let you guys know that we're leaving now"

I grabbed my purse and Justin grabbed his phone and with that we left. 




A/N: Sorry, short chapter. I just wanted to update. I promise I'll update soon! Stay swaggy! 

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