A rising star

Ever since Lily was little she's had an undeniable love for music; she could sing, play piano, drums, and guitar. One day when she visit her cousin, Harry's recording studio she discovers a friendship between Harry and... Scooter Braun?! Blown away by Lily's talent, scooter calls up Justin Bieber to sing a duet with Lily, but when Lily's music career takes off her and Justin start to develop feeling for eachother, will they keep it to themselves? or will their whole world fall apart trying to make it work?


8. Seeing scooter.

When school was finally over I ran to my car but I then realized I forgot to say bye to Justin so I walked to his car and saw him standing there talking to some guy. 

"Justin?" I softly spoke. 

He looked over his shoulder and smiled at me. Then he looked back at the guy he was talking to. 

"Aye, I'll catch you later man" he said. 

I walked towards him. 

"I haven't gotten a hug goodbye yet" I pouted. 

"Well what if I don't want to say goodbye and I want to come with you to see scooter" He stated. 

"Well you can come with me then but I still want a hug" 

He then pulled me into a hug and then quickly slung me over his shoulder and started walking to my car.

"Justin!" I screamed "let me down!"

"How about no..." 

"How about yes!!!" 

Justin laughed and started sprinting. When we got to my car and I smiled at him then we got in and I started to drive. 

We arrived at Starbucks and saw scooter seated at a booth. 

"Hey Scooter!" I smiled. 

"Hey guys" he said looking up from his laptop. 

Justin looked at me excitedly and I winked back at him. Then a couple of girls walked in and screamed when they saw Justin. I laughed and sat down with scooter while Justin talked to the girls. 

"So Lily, I want to manage you" said scooter. "You have a star quality that we can not put to waste. When Justin's tour continues I'm going to arrange for you to be the opening act."

I smiled at the thought of going on tour with Justin. 

"That sounds amazing. I'm so blown away by this opportunity." I said. 

"I'm glad. We need to arrange some times for recording and songwriting so I'll call you up when I get that all sorted out." 

Then Justin walked back over and sat down next to me. 

"What's up ladies" he smirked. 

"Well we've got a rising star on our hands that's what's up" scooter said excitedly. 

Justin and I laughed. 

"I've got to get going guys but it was good to see the both of you" scooter spoke. 

"Yes! You too! And thank you so much again!" I smiled. 

"Anytime hun!" He smiled. 

Then he and Justin bro hugged and with that he left. 

Justin and I decided to order drinks. He got a chocolate frap and I got a vanilla bean frap. Then I drove back to school to drop Justin off at his car and I went home. Tomorrow was a minimum day at school so I called Mo, Brie, and Camille to see if they wanted to hang out after school. After that I took a shower and got my PJ's on and walked downstairs to find my mom sitting on the couch. My dad was never home because he was either working or at band practice so it was usually just the two of us. 

"Hey mom" I said. 

"Hey sweetie" 

"You'll never believe what happened" I grinned. 

"What happened?" She asked. 

I explained everything to her; meeting scooter, recording with Justin, the late night walk, the school project, the record deal, everything. 

"Oh my gosh! Honey, that's amazing!" 

"I know! My dreams are finally coming true mom" I said starting to tear up. 

She pulled me into a hug and we just sat there on the couch and talked for what could've been forever. Then we both went to bed. 


I woke up and went to school. Since it was a minimum day we had a block schedule and I would be spending my whole day in math, but at least I had Justin! 

I was starting to like him A LOT, but I knew I would never have a chance with him. He could get any girl in the world if he wanted to. 

I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist, distracting me from my thoughts. It was Justin. I instantly felt my heart flutter and I turned around, still in his grasp. 

"Wassup? You look sad" he said. 

"Nothing, you just caught me in the middle of my thoughts" I smiled. 

"Good. You're too pretty to be sad" he said looking into my eyes. 

•••Justin's POV•••

I want to tell Lily how I feel about her but I was afraid to ruin our friendship. If I can't have her as my girlfriend I want to at least have her as my best friend. 

"What are you doing after school?" I asked finally releasing her from my grasp. 

"I'm going to the mall with my girls. What about you?"

"Nothing that's why I was asking you haha" I said looking down trying to hide my disappointment. 

"Maybe tomorrow we can have a movie night!" She suggested. My mood instantly lightened up a bit. 


"And If you want I guess you can sleepover haha" 

I smiled at her and then we walked off to class. Math was really boring and long but at least when it was over that meant school was over. I hugged Lily then we walked our separate ways off to our cars. I have to admit, I hated seeing her just walk away but I can't just hang on her all the time or else I might annoy her. I had no plans for the day so I went home and took a nap. 

•••Lily's POV•••

I got in my car and started driving to the mall. When I got there I walked to Forever 21, we all agreed on meeting there. I walked in and saw Mo. 

"Lily!" She shouted and ran over and hugged me. 

"Hey mo!" I laughed. 

"I love you!!" She said. 

"I love you more though"

"You wish" she said sticking her tongue out. 

Then Camille and Brie walked in. 

"Oh my gosh Lily! Tell us what's up with you and Justin!" Brie squealed. 

I then told them about how I liked him and everything that happened in the last week. 

"I wish he'd ask you out" said Camille. 

"Well with my music career taking off I don't know if I'd have time for a boyfriend." I replied. 

"Yeah, but I mean come on. It's Justin Bieber!" Exclaimed mo. 

We all laughed and continued to shop around. These girls have been my best friends since preschool. We were inseparable. I would give up my life for them. They are my sisters. I don't know what I would do without them. 

*friday afternoon*

I couldn't wait for Justin to come over. I know I haven't known him for too long but we were already so close. 

*ding ding* rang my doorbell. It was Justin. 

"JUSTIN!" I yelled as I opened the door. 

"YOU READY TO PARTY?!" He shouted. 


We both burst into laughter. 

"We're such dorks" I laughed. 

"Hey! I'm not a dork" Justin pouted. 

"Right..." I jokingly scoffed. 

Justin stuck his tongue out at me and I laughed. We then made our way to the living room and started looking for a movie to watch. We decided on Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, just cause I guess we were both in a comical mood. 

"I'll make the popcorn!" I said. 

"I brought candy" said Justin with a smirk. 

"Awesome! Would you mind getting some blankets and pillows from the cupboard?" 


So I proceeded to make popcorn and Justin set up a bunch of pillows and blankets on the floor. 

I finished making popcorn and walked back into the living room. Justin and I were already in our PJ's so we got comfortable and started the movie. 

Throughout the whole thing we could not stop laughing. I kept thinking about how much I loved seeing Justin smile and how his laugh was the cutest thing ever. 

"Gotta love Jim Carrey" said Justin whilst still laughing. 

"I know right!" I laughed. 

I got up and put away our empty popcorn bowl then I went back into the living room and Justin was playing in his phone. 

"Whatcha doin?" I asked. 

"Instagramming" replied Justin. 

I laughed. While I was laughing he snapped a picture of me. Then my phone got a notification form Instagram. '@justinbieber took a photo of you!'  I clicked on the photo and within 45 seconds of being posted it had 15k likes and 7,000 comments. 

"Dang bieber!" I said. 

"What?" He asked. 

"You have 11 million followers on Instagram!" 

"My beliebers love me" he winked. 

I laughed; not necessarily because it was funny but because of his extreme adorableness. 

"You're so cute!" I cooed. 

"Thank you, so are you!" He blushed. 

We both laughed. 

I looked at my phone to check the time and it was only 10:45. Wow. 

"Wanna watch another movie?" I asked. 

"Sure! Lets watch the vow!" Justin said. 

"Wow" I laughed. 

"What?" He said pouting. 

"You want to watch a chick flick" I said trying to contain my laughter. 

"I just thought that what you'd want..." He said slightly smiling. 

"Aww" I cooed. 

"It's a good cuddling movie" he winked. 

I giggled and popped in the movie. 


Justin laughed. 

We continued to watch the movie and halfway through it Justin pulled me into his chest to cuddle and I wrapped my arms around him. He smelled so good. By the time the movie was over it was almost 1am and I was getting sleepy. 

"We better hit the sack" I stated. 

"Mmkay, night, boo" said Justin. 

"Haha night Justin."

Then we both settled down and got comfortable. I suddenly felt Justin's arms snake around me and he pulled me into his chest. I smiled and not long after I was asleep. 

•••Justin's POV•••

I haven't really had a close friend in a while with my career and all so i really did not want to blow it with lily. I hope my feelings weren't coming off too strong but I just couldn't help it. 

*saturday morning*

I woke up in the morning to see Lily next to me, still in my arms, playing on her phone. 

"Well good morning" I said groggily. 

"Morning sleepy head!" She giggled. 

"What time is it?" I asked. 


"Oh my god haha. How long have you been awake?"

"Since 11:15" 

"I'm so sorry! Why didn't you wake me up?!" I asked. 

"Because you're cute when you sleep." 

"Thanks" I laughed. 

Then Lily's mom (Stacey) walked in. 

"Hey! Would you look at that? You're finally awake."  Laughed Stacey. 

We all laughed. 

"You kids are so cute" she smiled. 

She then walked into the kitchen and started making breakfast. 

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