A rising star

Ever since Lily was little she's had an undeniable love for music; she could sing, play piano, drums, and guitar. One day when she visit her cousin, Harry's recording studio she discovers a friendship between Harry and... Scooter Braun?! Blown away by Lily's talent, scooter calls up Justin Bieber to sing a duet with Lily, but when Lily's music career takes off her and Justin start to develop feeling for eachother, will they keep it to themselves? or will their whole world fall apart trying to make it work?


9. Movie night.

For that day neither of us had any plans so we decided to spend the day in Hollywood. 

We got ready to go and hopped in my car and off we went. 

Lily plugged in her phone and started playing some music. 

"This is gonna be fun!" Exclaimed Lily. 

"Yup! The drive is about an hour so we should spend it getting to know each other a little better..." I suggested. 

"Okay! You go first haha!"

"Okay hmmmm..." I thought. 

She smirked at me. 

"What's your favorite color?" I laughed. 

"Purple!" She said. 

"Me to!" I smiled "Your turn"

"Uh... I know a lot about you cuz you're kind of um famous" she laughed "but I don't know... Who's your favorite country singer?"

"Hmm I don't know, I don't listen to as much country as I do other genres but I'll say Taylor Swift" I said. 

"Oh cool, mine is Luke Bryan" she smiled. 

"Cool! My turn.. Um... Favorite song?"

"That's not a fair question" she pouted. 

"What! Why not?" 

"Because I love all songs!" She smiled. 

"Good point, I'll ask a different one" 

Just then I spotted a few black vans following us. Great. Paps, last thing I need right now. 

"Is everything okay?" Asked Lily. 

"The paparazzi are on us" I said taking a sharp u-turn. 

"Just ignore them"

"I'll try" I frowned. 

When we got to Hollywood our first stop was the walk of fame. I took a picture of her kneeling if front of Michael Jackson's star and posted it on Instagram captioning it "RIP Michael Jackson- a.k.a the king of pop :("

"I really do wish he was still alive" I said frowning. 

"Me too, he was and still is a legend" 

"AHHHH OMG IT'S JUSTIN BIEBER!" I heard a bunch of girls scream. 

Lily laughed as I rolled my eyes. 

"OH MY GOD JUSTIN!" One of the girls screamed, hugging him. 

"Who's that? Is she your girlfriend?" Asked one of the girls. 

"She wishes" I looked at Lily, winking. 

All the girls and Lily laughed. 

After all the girls left Lily and I walked around and shopped. We went in to Tiffany&co. And when she wasn't looking I had a necklace engraved with 'L+J' in a little heart and it said 'Te Amo' as well. I decided I would save it for one day when I thought it would be a good time to give it to her. I don't know when, but I know it will come in handy sometime. 

•••Lily's POV•••

This has been the best day ever. Me and Justin had so much fun getting to know eachother better and hanging out. He was so sweet and It makes me happy to have a friend like him. 

To end our day we decided to go out to a fancy dinner. 

"Table for two please" Justin told the waiter then turned to smile at me. 

I smiled back. 

He grabbed my hand and walked with me as the waitress led us to our table. Sparks flew.... I wish he felt the same. 

Then we finally got to a table. Justin let go of my hand and we both sat down. 

"Hello, my name is Ashley and I'll be waiting on you guys tonight so, can I get you two anything to drink?" Spoke the waitress. 

"I'll have a diet coke please" said Justin. 

"I'll just have a water"

"Would you like lemon in your water?" Asked the waitress. 

"Yes please" I smiled. 

"Okay. Your drinks will be here soon" she smiled. While she was walking away she winked at Justin. 

"Ugh" I scoffed. 

"What?" Smirked Justin. 

"That freaking waitress is flirting with you!" I rolled my eyes. 

"Aww. Sounds like someone is jealous." He smirked. 

•••Justin's POV•••

I can't believe it... Lily is jealous. 

"Aww. Sounds like someone is jealous" 

"Pfft. I'm not jealous" she said with a high pitch voice. 

"Right...." I winked. 

"Whatever..." She scoffed. 

I laughed. 

Then the waitress walked over with our drinks. Lily tensed up. I grabbed her hand from across the table and lightly squeezed it. She looked up and blushed at me. I winked. The waitress set down our drinks. 

"You two are so cute together!" Smiled the waitress. 

"Oh actually we-" Lily started. 

"Thank you!" I interrupted her. 

"Haha. So are you ready to take your order."

"Not quite" I said. 

Then the waitress walked away.

I decided on ordering a burger with fries and Lily decided on a steak. 

The waitress came back over and we ordered. When our food came we decided to share them so I ate half the steak and Lily ate half the burger and fries. By the time we were done eating we were totally stuffed. I then paid for dinner and with that we left and started walking back to my car. 

"Thanks for dinner Justin!" 

"Anytime! Thanks for a fun day!" I smiled back. 

Then I put my arm around her as we continued walking. 

When we got to my car we both got in and off we went. 

"OH MY GOD GUESS WHAT!?" Lily shouted causing me to jump. 

"Jeez. What?" I laughed. 

"Harry just sent me our recordings from the other night!" She squealed. 

"Plug 'em in!" I said handing her a chord so she could play them. 

"These are awesome!" She shouted over the music. 


"I can't wait for the tour to continue!" She smiled. 

"Me neither, but I have to admit I'm kind of enjoying my time off. It's nice to have a break every once in a while"

"Yeah" she yawned. 

"You tired?" I asked. 

"Yeah" she yawned again. 

"Go ahead and sleep, I'll wake you up when we get back"


She then dozed off and I turned down the music. 

•••Lily's POV•••

I woke up to the sound of Justin singing. He sounded like a god and I didn't want him to stop so I just pretended to be asleep. 

I then felt him lightly stroke my head and I opened my eyes. 

"Hey, we're at your house" he smiled. 

"Oh okay thanks"

I kissed his cheek and got out of the car and walked inside. I got ready for bed and went to sleep. Thanks for an amazing day, Justin. 


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