A rising star

Ever since Lily was little she's had an undeniable love for music; she could sing, play piano, drums, and guitar. One day when she visit her cousin, Harry's recording studio she discovers a friendship between Harry and... Scooter Braun?! Blown away by Lily's talent, scooter calls up Justin Bieber to sing a duet with Lily, but when Lily's music career takes off her and Justin start to develop feeling for eachother, will they keep it to themselves? or will their whole world fall apart trying to make it work?


12. He's on to me.

We decided to go to a little bistro on Times Square for dinner. We were seated at a booth with me and Justin on one side and Evan and my mom on the other. It wasn't as awful as I was expecting but I could tell that over the week there was going to be some serious tension between Justin and Evan. I really wasn't sure what Justin's problem was to be honest but whatever. 

After dinner we were all tired from our day of traveling so we went back to Evan's apartment and chilled in our rooms for the rest of the night. 

Justin and I got out pj's on and decided to chat for a while in our room. 

"Justin, what's up? You've been really grumpy today.." I stated. 

"Oh um... Nothing..." He trailed off. 

"You know you can tell me anything" 

"Yeah, I'm not really ready to talk about it but ill let you know when I am"

•••Justin's POV•••

What's up?! I'll tell you what's up!!! You brought me to fucking New York with you only for me to find out that the only reason we came is so you can be with some guy. 

I'm not going to sit around and watch another guy steal you. I don't like this "Evan" guy. There's something not right about him and I'm gonna get to the bottom of it. 

"Hello? Justin?" I heard Lily's voice, snapping me out of my thoughts. 


"I said Its been a long day and we should get to sleep" 

"Yeah" I replied shortly. 

She turned the light off. 

"Goodnight Jay" she said. 

I smiled to myself. 


When I woke up in the morning I had my arms wrapped around her and her head was buried in my chest. It was 1 in the afternoon. 

•••Lily's POV•••

I woke up to find myself in Justin's arms. I looked up to see him smiling at me. 

"Goodmorning" he laughed. 

"What time is it?" I asked whilst sitting myself up. 


"Wow!" I laughed "we better get up and get ready then!" 

We both got out of bed and started getting ready for our day. I got dressed in white skinny jeans, a black and white cross cardigan, a light pink tank top, and black combat boots. 

When Justin and I walked out if our room Evan and my mom were sitting in the couch watching the news. Evan turned around and smiled at me, ignoring Justin. 

"So um... What's the plan for today?" I asked. 

"We'll I was thin-" Evan started. 

"I know a really cool place we could go!" Justin said, cutting him off. 

Evan glared at Justin and Justin simply smirked back. 

"What's the place, Justin?" I asked. 

"It's this private ice rink. I went there a while ago when I was on tour here"

"Oh that's sounds awesome!" 

"Yeah totally" said Evan sarcastically. 

"Mom do you wanna come?" I asked. 

"No thanks sweetie" 

"Okay well lets go! Justin you drive since you've been there before."

"Okee dokee!" He said cutely. 

I laughed. 

We all walked out the door and piled into the car. 

•••Evan's POV•••

I'm in the backseat of my own car. Alone. Lily and Justin are in the front. 

I know Justin suspects me of something. He's on to me. And I can tell Lily loves him. She used to look at me that way. Now my girl is in the front seat of my car, singing along to the radio, not a care in the world, with another man. 

I won't let Justin get to her. 

There's things about me that no one knows and Justin is on to me. I know by the way he smirks. 

I'm not who she thinks I am, but I'm the one with a breaking heart. 

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