A rising star

Ever since Lily was little she's had an undeniable love for music; she could sing, play piano, drums, and guitar. One day when she visit her cousin, Harry's recording studio she discovers a friendship between Harry and... Scooter Braun?! Blown away by Lily's talent, scooter calls up Justin Bieber to sing a duet with Lily, but when Lily's music career takes off her and Justin start to develop feeling for eachother, will they keep it to themselves? or will their whole world fall apart trying to make it work?


10. Going to New York.

I woke up in the middle of the night crying. My heart never let go. 


"I want you to know that I will always love you" he said. 

"Not as much as I love you!" I replied, a tear streaming down my cheek. 

Our hands intwined with one another's. 

"We won't be able to see each-other as often anymore" he said with sad eyes. 

"I know but this isn't the end. It can't be"

"It's not. I promise" he said as he kissed my cheek and walked away. 

*end of flashback*

He was my first love. The one I never let go. I know deep down that he still loves me too. His name is Evan. My best friend. Gone. 

I got up out of bed and walked into my mom's room. 

"Mom" I said shaking her to wake her up. 

"Yes?!" She snapped. 

At this point I was bawling my eyes out.

"Baby, what's wrong?" She said sitting up, and pulling me into a hug. 

"I miss him" I cried. 

"I know honey. Me too!"

"Can we go see them?" I asked. 

My mom was silent. 

"Mom?" I said. 

"I don't know honey..." She trailed off. 

"Mom, it's been too long!" I whined. 

"It's only been 9 months!" 

"Mooooommmmm" I whined. 


"No! Don't start with me! I know you're gonna say 'Lily honey, you have school, and work, and I don't know blah blah blah' but I love him and I need him!" I yelled. 

"Okay" she said. 

"Okay what?" I snapped. 

"Okay we can go!" She smiled. 

"Thank you thank you thank you!" I screamed while jumping on her bed. 

"Yeah yeah yeah. Now go to sleep!" 

"Okay!" I smiled. 

I woke up that morning with a huge smile on my face. I was going to New York to see Evan! 

I picked up my phone and dialed Evan's number. After a couple rings he picked up. 

*phone convo*

E: Hey!

L: Hey! Guess what?!

E: What?!

L: We're coming to visit!!!!

E: No way?!

L: Yes way!!!!

E: Oh my god! I can't wait! I miss you so much!

L: I miss you too! 

E: When are you coming?!

L: I don't know yet, hang on...

"Mom!" I screamed. 

"What?!" She snapped back. 

"When are we going to NY?" 

"Next week!"

L: Next week!

E: I don't think I can wait that long!

L: Me neither! But I got to go! I'll talk to you soon!

E: Aww. Okay. Bye. Love you. 

L: Love you too! Bye. 

*end of convo*

Then my mom walked into the room. 

"Mom, can we take Justin?" I pouted. 

"Sure, I guess so..." She said smirking a bit

"Okay.. Thanks.." I said slightly confused. 

She laughed a bit. 

"Can I have all the details so I can call him?"

"What do you say?"

"Please" I rolled my eyes. 

"Okay, we will leave for the airport Friday morning at 6a.m. And our plane takes off at 8a.m. Sharp and we will stay in New York for a week"

"Kay thanks" I sran out of the room and called Justin. 

*phone convo*

L: Hey! 

J: Hey! Sup?

L: We're going to New York!

J: We are?

L: Yeah! We're visiting some of my old friends. Meet me at my house Friday morning at 5:15

J: In the morning?
L: yep. Well stay in New York for a week. 

J: Cool sounds good. Can't wait. 

L: Yeah! I'll see you tomorrow morning! Bye!

J: Bye!

*end of convo*


The whole week went by so slow. We're leaving for New York tomorrow and I haven't finished packing. It's 11:30 at night and I'm rushing to pack so I can get a bit of sleep. 

When I Finally finished packing it was almost 1 in the morning. I quickly brushed my teeth, put my hair in a messy bun, put on some sweatpants and went to bed. 

I woke up in the morning to the sound of my mom and Justin talking. I slowly got out of bed and walked to the kitchen to find them eating and talking. 

"Morning, beautiful" Justin cooed. 

I groaned. 

"Go get ready babe, were leaving in 10 minutes" said my mom. 

I walked out of the room and changed into yoga pants, white vans, and a hoodie. All my cute clothes were packed in my suitcase. 

"Lily! We're leaving now!!!" Screamed my mom. 

I grabbed my carry on, and suitcase and ran out the door. 

I slept in the car on the drive to the airport but when we got there I was awakened. 

"We can take my private het if you want" said Justin. 

"Excuse me?" Said my mom. 

I laughed. 

"Mom, you know this is Justin Bieber right?" Me and Justin laughed. 

My mom just stood there with wide eyes. 

"Come on" Justin grabbed our hands and led us to his jet. 

We walked trough seas of people before we got there. 

"Ladies, welcome to air Bieber" he smirked as we got in the jet. 

"Wow Jay, this is nice" I giggled. 

"Jay? Is that a new nickname?" He smiled. 

"Yeah, I guess so" I laughed.

"I like it" he blushed. 

We took our seats and then we took off. Me and Justin decided to watch a movie so I got my iPad and opened Netflix. We decided on watching Monsters inc. because, who doesn't love old Disney movies?! 

In the middle of the movie I got a FaceTime call from Scooter. 

"Hey scooter!" Me and Justin said in unison. Everyone laughed. 

"Hey guys! What are you doing?" Said scooter. 

"We're on our way to New York!" I said excitedly. 

"Oh that's cool!" He said. 

"Yeah, so why are you calling?" I asked. 

"I wanted to let you know that I got you and Justin in for an interview with Ellen"

"Now way! When?!" I screamed. 

"A week from tomorrow" smiled scooter. 

I looked at Justin and he pulled me into a hug. 

"Thank you so much scooter, bye!" I smiled. 

"Bye guys!" He waved. 

A millisecond after we hung up I screamed at the top of my lungs. I couldn't believe it. I had an interview with Ellen! 

Me and Justin talked for a bit then finished watching out movie. After our movie was over we both slept for the rest of the flight. 

When I woke up I had my head on Justin's chest and his arm was wrapped around me. I sat up and woke Justin up and we got off our plane and headed to the airport. 

I sent a text to Evan letting him know we landed so he could come get us. 

•••Justin's POV••• 

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Lily texting some guy. She was smiling. 

"Uh..." I scratched my neck "who are you texting?"

"The friend were seeing here! His name is Evan!"

"Oh... Cool" I mumbled. 

It's a boy. Of course. Cause that's exactly what I need. 

We got our luggage then went outside and waited for Evan to come pick us up. 

"Justin is something wrong?" Lily asked, concerned. 

"No" I stated flatly. 

"Oh, you seem a bit quiet" she continued. 

"No, I'm fine" I replied quietly. 

"Are you sure?" 

God this girl just won't stop. 

"Yes" I snapped. 

"Okay" she said, sounding slightly shocked. 

"I'm sorry" I said realizing my actions "I'm just tired"

"It's okay. I get it. Me too"
I gave her a hug to show that I really was sorry. Then in the middle of our hug a car drove up and Lily screamed. 



A/N: Hey guys! So I'm sorry I don't update a lot but I'm always busy with school and all that jazz, but I'll try really hard to update as often as I can. Love you!

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