Dale and Draco.

"I don't know if I'm ready yet..." Those are the words of Dale Potter.


5. why me +note


hey readers i had to update getting ready for the train so please read it.


Dale's POV

 tonight we are having roast chicken yummy  and for desert we are having TRIPLE CHOC CAKE with ice cream and jelly and the jelly has slices of kiwi fruit and it is very quiet so I say "Dudley how was your day with the guys" he replied "it was fun we did the normal hunt down harry and tease him but today he tried to hit me! *harry is smirking at today's events* so that reminds me, Father what will be his punishment he can't try to hit me and get away with it *uncle glrears at harry*" "He has no rights to eat he is only aloud bananas and water of the rest of the mouth except tomorrow he will have to eat so Dales friends parents don't think we stave him *I'm laughing my head off* and cunt in saying "but he is a wast of space to our family why don't we drop him off at a orphnage cause that is were the useless kids go right" good idea Dale I'm proud of you, you may not be my kid but you sure do act like it and we have everyone believing it your a good kid and as for your pathetic twin he shale go when you are at hogwarts unless he proves he is useful" 

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