Dale and Draco.

"I don't know if I'm ready yet..." Those are the words of Dale Potter.


6. the party



Dales POV *next day*


I just woke up and doing my morning ruteen of going for a shower then getting into my outfit for the day then go downstairs for breakfast which smells like bacon and eggs on toast today and come back up to brush my teeth I'm going down for Breakfast now and I saw so meany presents on the table outside and the eating table with Breakfast ready and I'm smiling and aunt marge is already hear yay so i walk up to her and hug her and she hugs back the I go to my seat and eat lord knows where harry is but I don't care with him out of the way today it will be perfect grate I thought too soon he is walking in right now and I can smell him from where I'm sitting so I speak up and say "Uncle harry stinks so bad it's like he got a squirt from a skunk and it's ruining the smell of my dress make him shower pleaseeee" Uncle say "harry shower now! and Dale dear go change your dress we cant have you smelly cause of your brother now can we" and I reply "I'll change after I have had Breakfast because I still have to go up and brush my teeth" 

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