Dale and Draco.

"I don't know if I'm ready yet..." Those are the words of Dale Potter.


7. now you know why i hate him

Dale's POV


I've just finished my breakfast best meal of the day I say so I'm walking up the stairs and I get out my dress that I was given from Auntie Marge when she got hear it's so pretty then I remember that i need to brush my teeth so i go to the bathroom and it's locked so I yell "HARRY HURRY UP I HAVE THE BRUSH MY TEETH YOU IDIOT" he still didn't get out so I got to my Uncle and say "harry wont get out of the shower so i can brush my teeth can you make him please" with that he stomps to the bathroom and says well yells "GET OUT YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF RUBBISH YOUR TWIN THAT IS SMART AND AMAZING NEEDS TO USE THE BATHROOM" with that harry is out and i hug my uncle and he kisses my four-head and then i walk into the bathroom and clean my teeth then go to my room and put the dress on *that's the dress*  you see harry gets all the attention at home, at school even when we are out even though it's bad attention I still hate him he once stole my toys when we were younger. and they were my barbies he tore their heads off but one day he took it too far he tore off a dolls head, arms and legs and it was my favorite doll oh how I miss her.  


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