Dale and Draco.

"I don't know if I'm ready yet..." Those are the words of Dale Potter.


8. he just has to ruin everything

Oh for the love of celestia I'm on the train to hogwarts right now eppp and guss who i staumbale apon my brother so i imedintly say "YOU! HOW DEAR YOU COME AUNT AND UNCAL WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS YOU EGG-HEAD YOU ALWAYS STEAL THE SPOTLIGHT UGH I HATE YOU BROTHER!' and with that i stormed away and i found a good looking guy so i ask if i can join him and his compainions he said yes then introduced himself "I'm Draco this is crab and goyal, whats your name?" "I'm Dale Potter" and their jaws groped to the ground I do seam to have that affect on guys hear. The train has stoped and everybody is getting off so this must be our stop than this big and i mean big man is yelling out "first years follow me" so draco, crab, goyal and i follow him then we are expected to get on boats so we get on them and they magicly move and the man is talking and to be honest i really dont care what he is saying I'll still swim hear anyway i ask draco "what house do you want to be in?" "slytherin, dont worry if you dont make it I dont care if you go to griffindor" he says i grin 




hey guys 

well the reason i havent updated in like forever is because I forgot my email and password don't worry I'm saving them on my phone. also I have another account under Wolfett96 


lots of love


Niall's Wolf

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