Dale and Draco.

"I don't know if I'm ready yet..." Those are the words of Dale Potter.


3. Getting ready for the train.

Petunia’s pov


My sisters daughter dale is going to Hogwarts and I'm happy for her maybe she will find where she belongs poor girl. I have taken her shopping for new clothing and school supplies well books to do her work in and her art stuff today she is going to get her other supplies at Diagon ally I'm going with her so we go to Gringgots the which and wizard bank to exchange my money to wizarding money and we are buying her brand new everything her brother has to stay because he is no good, but if that bloody old man and the gamekeeper to collect him I'm going to go crazy at them. Dale can get whatever she wants well we are just arriving to oilvanders, her wand is Dragon Heartstring made with Vine Wood we buy all her books for magic and all her equipment and we are now getting her robes and a new trunk we asked the lady to put a spell on it wear it can fit lots of stuff and now we are getting a pet we both think it appropriate to get a cat so we don't seem strange in the muggle world while I stepped outside now we are driving home and we are singing to "Eye Of The Tiger" a good song 


Dale’s pov

Well my Auntie and I are on our way home and singing "Eye Of The Tiger" I love that song and my Aunt said "Dale pro-mess me you will write to us if you can" so I said "I'll write when I can but I'm going to miss you too much" well we are now home and I put my stuff in my room and go downstairs to see my uncle and give him a big hug and he says "Now we won't to celebrate YOUR birthday early because on your birthday is the day you go to Hogwarts and you leave in 2 days dear so I'll go get your presents ready for tomorrow and I invited a few friends over I've told them your going away to a boarding school which your school is  so it is your birthday and farewell party and my sister is coming so please wear a dress for her" I'm smiling and I say "of course I will wear a dress she is family and I love her, well I'm going to my room to pack everything so can you call me down when it is dinner?" Uncle said "well of course" so now hear I am packing my things into my trunk out of me and my brother I'm the one with class, I'm truly happy that I live with them they are so nice to me yesterday I wrote up a check-list now harry is walking into my room saying dinner is ready.






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