Dale and Draco.

"I don't know if I'm ready yet..." Those are the words of Dale Potter.


2. Finding out what I am.

Dale's POV:

It is a normal day at Number 4, Privet Drive, Little Whinging. The post has just arrived and I go to get it. Surprisingly harry gets a letter. I'm used to getting mail; the Dursleys love me but hate my so called twin. I mean how can he. we're nothing alike! He’s ungrateful I'm grateful, but none the less I hide his letter, well, slip it in his room under the stair case. I continue to walk gracefully into the sitting room and I hand them their letters I'm aloud to call them mum and dad so I say "their you go dad" then I go to 'mum' "hey mum what is this place?"

she said "lets go for a walk and I'll explain it all" so were on our walk now "this is no ordinary school your real mother went their it is a school of magic yes magic is real that's where she met your real father dear you are a which and your brother is a wizard"

"if I go well we write to each other? I would like to know what's happening hear" I said

"of coarse darling and I would like to know about this school and I'll send money for you to buy things lets go shopping so we can get new clothing for you at this school" mum said. So we are walking home to go get the car and so she can get her purse. I sat in the car waiting for mum and she just got in, started the engine and we drove to the shopping mall to buy me a new suitcases and clothing for me at this new school. We buy books and lots of art stuff cause I love my art and a new school bag.

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