Torn// A One Direction Fan Fiction

She left only a letter:

"Dear Boys,

I'm sorry. I can't take this life anymore. People telling me how to live my life. I don't know how you do it. I'm not telling you where I'm going because frankly, I don't know, either. I don't want you to search for me. I can still keep in touch with all of you. Just know I love every single one of you. I would stay if I could, but I can't. I'll come back when I feel it's time.

With Love,

I feel tears form in my eyes. Same with the rest of the boys. Soon, I'm blinded with the tears. I miss her so much. If only she knew what I really felt about her. I couldn't explain it all to her in such the short time we spent together. I want her to come back. I'm already hurting.


2. Chapter 2

   Okay, so I'm getting ready to go give "Nialler" and "Hazza" their phone back. I just put on some casual outfit because I don't really care how they judge me because I am just going to give them a phone. I go outside and jump in my car. Then, I start to drive.

  When I reach the coffee shop, there were a few people surrounding the coffee shop. I tried to go inside, but there was a secruity guard. "Are you a 'directioner'?" He asked. "Huh?" I asked. "Are you a 'directioner'?" He asked again. "No," I stated, "I was just about to return this phone that I found because the owner wants me to meet them here." "Oh okay," He said while he opened the door to let me in. A few of the girls that were surrounding the building tried to come in the door with me, but the secruity guard held them off.

  I walked to the table that had 5 guys with hoodies. I assumed it consisted of "Nialler" and "Hazza". Were those like street names? Were they drug dealers? Oh my gosh what if they're drug dealer?!? "Um, hello? Did you guys lose your phone?" I asked. One of them spoke up, "Yeah, hand it over." I handed it to them and turned around to walk out. I felt one of the grab my wrist. "Hey, come have coffee with us, love," One said with a deep raspy voice. I jumped from the contact of the skin. I turned around and said, "I have to go. Besides, I don't think I should have coffee with strangers." One of them chuckled, "We won't hurt you, we promise. Besides, don;t you know who we are?" "No," I said. A different one chuckled, "Stop playing around, we know that you know who we are." "No, are you like some famous mafia members or something?" I put my hands over my mouth after I said that. It just slipped out of my mouth. They all looked at each other and laughed. "No, no no. We're One Direction," One of them said. "Never heard of them before," I said truthfully. I didn't know they were so popular. Should I know who they are?

  They laughed again. All this laughing is making me nervous. "Come on, love. Just have some coffee with us," One with an Irish accent said. I gave up trying to fight with them, so I just went to order coffee. I sat down beside one of them. They all took their hoodies off of their heads. "I'm Harry," The one with the raspy voice said. "I'm Niall," The one with the Irish accent said. "I'm Liam," One of them said. "I'm Zayn," The other one said. "And I'm Louis," The last one said. "I'm Aurora,"

  Well, now I know that they are not dangerous.

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