Torn// A One Direction Fan Fiction

She left only a letter:

"Dear Boys,

I'm sorry. I can't take this life anymore. People telling me how to live my life. I don't know how you do it. I'm not telling you where I'm going because frankly, I don't know, either. I don't want you to search for me. I can still keep in touch with all of you. Just know I love every single one of you. I would stay if I could, but I can't. I'll come back when I feel it's time.

With Love,

I feel tears form in my eyes. Same with the rest of the boys. Soon, I'm blinded with the tears. I miss her so much. If only she knew what I really felt about her. I couldn't explain it all to her in such the short time we spent together. I want her to come back. I'm already hurting.


1. Chapter 1

    Aurora's POV


    "Hey Aurora, when are you going to work?" My best friend Colleen asks.

"Um...about ten minutes," I reply. I stand up from the couch and walk into the bathroom. I grab out the hair curler and start to curl my hair.


    "Okay, I'm going Colleen!" I shout.

"Alright, see ya' later girl!" I hear Colleen shout back. I open the door and walk out of the house. I jump into my car and drive to WaterHill Mall.


    I make my way up the escalator. "WaterHill Candy Store" is in sight. I figure that I can grab a quick snack before I make my way to my job. I walk up to the cash register. "One snickers bar, please," I say. "Alright," The man behind the counter says. After a few seconds, he hands me a snickers bar. "Thanks," I say while handing him the money. "No problem," He says. I make my way to the store that I work at. Vans Shoe Store.


    "Aurora!" My co-worker Brice says. "What's up dude?" I ask. "Nothing much. We haven't been that busy," He replies. "Oh. Am I working the cash register today?" I ask. "Yeah, I think," Brice says. "Okay," I say. I walk behind the counter. I heard the door open and in walks two guys with hoodies on.


   The guys with the hoodies on walk around a while until they find the pair they want. They walk over to the cash register and hand me the two shoe boxes. "Um, that's about 80 pounds (A/N: I don't have the simble for pounds...), please," I say. "Thanks," the one on the right says. "Oh cool! Are you to from America. I really want to travel there when I get enough money," I say. I've never met anyone from America, only people from the country I live in. I live in The UK. (A/N: I don't actually live in the UK, I just thought it would be cool if she did...) "Ummm...Yup! We're from...ummm...California! Yeah!" The same one says while he hands me a hundred dollar bill. "Yup...Chilly cheese fries and funnel cakes!" The one on the left says. I look at him in confusion  while i hand the one on the right 20 pounds. "Umm...okay we have to go, thanks," The one on the right says, while taking the shoe boxes. They ran out of the store.


    That was peculiar. As the guy ran out, I realized he dropped his phone. I picked it up and figured he was far gone from the store, so I put the phone in my pocket.


    I was at home on my bed watching a movie. I got a text. I pulled out my phone, and I didn't get a text from my phone, but the other one that the man dropped in the mall today. It was from "Nialler".Okay, that's an odd name. It read,


Hey Hazza, I think I did a GREAT American accent in the Vans Shoe Store today. Besides, chilly cheese fries and funnel cakes are the only words I can say in an American accent.


  I replied,


I'm sorry but your friend "Hazza" lost his phone, and now I have it. Can we make a date that I can give you back the phone?


He replied,


Oh, well, ummm, we can meet tomorrow at 6:00 PM, okay? At the coffee shop down the road from the WaterHill Mall.


  I replied,


Okay, see you tomorrow, then.



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