who am I really?

my name is Emma Riddle I'm the daughter of the Dark Lord .my father didn't let me go outside I don't know why but I'm sure that he is hiding something to me when I turned 15 I received a letter that said that I have been accepted to Hogwarts while I was there I discover a secret that can change my last name Riddle . (Sorry for Grammar and Spelling mistakes I speak and write in spanish most of the time)


2. part of his plan?

 Today was a cloudy morning it was really cold today. I went downstairs for breakfast. After I finished my breakfast I heard the voice of my father

Emma come right here.

his voice sounds like if he was planning something and that's not a good signal for me.

Where are you? I asked

In your room he said

Why he was in my room! he's not suppose to be there! I quickly went upstairs and entered to my room. my father was stand up in front of the window. He take out the letter and began to speak.

Yesterday you found this letter and gave it to me. he said looking at the letter

yeah, but I just wan to ask you something What is Hogwarts I mean I know that is a school but where is it? and why you didn't mention that name before?

Hogwarts is a school of magic where you will learn how to use and control the magic and I didn't mention that name before because you don't need to learn those silly things but today I changed my opinion I think that is time that you go to Hogwarts. but no to learn I have a work to you there.

A work? I asked

in Hogwarts there's a boy called Harry Potter, you have to bring me Harry Potter , I'm going to give you 1 week to do that.

do you mean that you're going to send me to Hogwarts just to do a work for you?! I asked


I couldn't believe that my father is going to send me to Hogwarts just for do a work! I don't want to do that I just want to make friends and to have fun.

Tomorrow you'll go to Diagon Alley  to buy your school supplies. my father said to me

with whom? I asked

alone, you can't go with me or with anyone else and you know the reason.

I don't have option I have to do it. I hope that my father didn't give me orders to kill anyone. 


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