who am I really?

my name is Emma Riddle I'm the daughter of the Dark Lord .my father didn't let me go outside I don't know why but I'm sure that he is hiding something to me when I turned 15 I received a letter that said that I have been accepted to Hogwarts while I was there I discover a secret that can change my last name Riddle . (Sorry for Grammar and Spelling mistakes I speak and write in spanish most of the time)


1. Hogwarts?

My name is Emma, Emma Riddle I'm the daughter of the Dark Lord. Most of the Death Eaters think that be the daughter of one of the most dark wizards of the world is really awesome but no, even if I'm his daughter he can kill me. sometimes I ask to myself if I'm his real daughter because I'm completely different from him I have green eyes ,red hair and pale skin maybe I'm like my mother but I'm not sure about how was my mother my father don't like to talk about her he gets angry when I talk about that. Today was a sunny day a perfect day for me and an ugly day for my father. He was in a reunion with the Death Eaters and obviously i have to be there I entered to the room where my father was and sat next to Bellatrix Lestrange I really hate her she's really mean with most of the people and I think that she's insane too.

well my friends did someone have news for me? asked my father with his usual cold voice

no one answered. I could feel the fear on the air I looked down hoping that my father don't kill anyone this time when I was little I saw with my own eyes how my father killed and tortured wizards and witches i still remember the shouts of those persons

my father take outs his wand and looked at everyone that was in the table. I think i wasn't clear with everyone here.

there was a big silence in the room.until my father broke it saying, OK not news for me eh?  so let's talk about something else.

My lord ,whispered Bellatrix I don't have news for you but i just want to ask you something. She made a little pause. why you don't use the girl?.

No! I shouted. Please don't said yes!

Silence!!! I decide what you can do and what you don't

I stand up of my chair and get out of the room running. I really don't want to be part of his plan. i don't want to kill anyone why my life is like this?!. I opened the principal door and ran away from my house. I heard the shouts of my father saying to the Death Eaters that go outside to search me. While i was running i looked back to see if anyone was following me and unfortunately Lucius Malfoy was running behind me. I take out mi wand and shouted,

"EXPELLIARMUS" but the spell didn't heat Lucius. I know that Lucius can't throw me a spell or my father will kill him.

I saw a forest that was full of trees that would be a perfect place where i can hide. I saw a tree that was really tall and climbed at the top of it. Lucius passed down the tree where I was and fortunately he didn't saw me. When he and the other Death Eaters return to my house i go down. I walked through the forest just to explore more it was a beautiful place i could see the sun shining through the branches of the trees and i could hear the sound of water running which means that a river was near. I walked a little bit more and found the river it was really beautiful the water was so clear like if it was made of crystals. I sat down near the river and looked down to see if there was a rock to throw in the river but i don't found a rock i found a letter i opened it and saw that the letter was for me.

Dear Mrs.Riddle,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted a Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on  September 1st. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

yours sincerely,

Minerva Macgonagall

deputy headmistress.

Hogwarts? what is it? maybe my father knows what is Hogwarts.This was the most weird hing that could happen to me I never in my life received a letter.I walked back to my house and the first thing that I saw was my father stand up in front of my house. he looks very angry but why? I don't understand it?.

You're not allowed to go outside and you know it! he shouted to me

but why?! why I can't go outside that's completely unfair!

I entered to my house ignoring the way that my father was looking at me. I went upstairs and entered to my room. I can't show to my father the letter he was so angry to talk with me. I stayed some hours in  my room and tried to find what I'm going to say to my father about the letter. it was almost 5 PM. and I think that I'm ready to ask him about the letter. I grabbed the letter and get out of my room. I heard the steps of my father near the kitchen I went downstairs and walked forward the kitchen.

Hi, I said

he didn't answered

did you know what is Hogwarts? I asked

he looked at me and said, where did you hear that name?

i read it on this, I gave the letter to my father. He start to read it and when he finished he didn't look happy.he looked at me with his cold eyes.

Go to your room now!

I obeyed the orders of my father.it was almost midnight and I still awake thinking in the words that my father will say to me tomorrow. But why he get angry when I showed him the letter why? is just a letter that said that I have been accepted at Hogwarts. Better if I stop to think on that I closed my eyes and sleep the rest of the night.

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