who am I really?

my name is Emma Riddle I'm the daughter of the Dark Lord .my father didn't let me go outside I don't know why but I'm sure that he is hiding something to me when I turned 15 I received a letter that said that I have been accepted to Hogwarts while I was there I discover a secret that can change my last name Riddle . (Sorry for Grammar and Spelling mistakes I speak and write in spanish most of the time)


3. Diagon Alley

Today was august 31. I have to go to Diagon Alley to buy my school supplies I asked to my father if i can go with someone to Diagon Alley someone of my age he said that no but then my father mention a boy called Draco Malfoy.I never heard the name Draco Malfoy before but i'm sure that he's the son of Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy. I went to Diagon Alley and I saw Draco waiting for me.

Draco seems to be the bad guy on Hogwarts, he's a boy with white blonde hair and cold gray eyes.

hi my name is Emma,Emma Riddle but call me Emma I said

My name is Draco,Draco Malfoy he said

After some hours we finished to buy all my school supplies. my wand is 10 3/4 cm and is made of blackthorn and unicorn hair.

How is Hogwarts? i asked i mean it is a good place?

Hogwarts is the worst place on Earth said Draco seriously

I didn't said anything

do you already have everything? he asked

yeah and you?

I think so, oh I forget a book wait here I have to go to Flourish and Blotts


 I looked at Florean Fortescue's ice cream Parlour shop. I entered there to buy an ice cream i still have some money inside my pocket. I ordered a big ice cream of chocolate and ate it quickly. When I get out from the shop I get lost I can't find Draco. A boy with round glasses, black hair and pale skin. came to me

are you lost? he asked

yeah i said I'm searching a boy called D-, Draco interrupted me

Emma what are you doing with Potter?

Draco I was searching you I just go for an ice cream and I get lost, I said quickly

is Draco your boyfriend? Harry asked

no, no is just a friend! I said quickly

Emma let's go said Draco

I followed Draco

Why you were with potter?

I just tried to ask him is he have seen you I said, wait a minute did you said potter?


so he's Harry Potter I said to myself

I returned to my house and told to my father all the things that I saw on Diagon Alley but he didn't heard me talk with him is like to talk with the wall. I went upstairs and laid on my bed I couldn't stop thinking  in Hogwarts I was so excited and at the time nervous after some minutes later I felt asleep



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