who am I really?

my name is Emma Riddle I'm the daughter of the Dark Lord .my father didn't let me go outside I don't know why but I'm sure that he is hiding something to me when I turned 15 I received a letter that said that I have been accepted to Hogwarts while I was there I discover a secret that can change my last name Riddle . (Sorry for Grammar and Spelling mistakes I speak and write in spanish most of the time)


4. Author's note

hey I just want to say sorry if haven't update for a long time and sorry if it has spelling and grammar mistakes this new chapter and the others is just that I don't live in the United States so is a little hard for me to write in english. I'm new at writing movellas and I don't know how the people can co-Auhor my movellas , so can someone tell me how please? :P

ATT: Hogwartstudent

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