No One But You ( Harry Styles-Niall Horan-fan fiction )

This is about two sisters named Becca, and Sydney Payne. ( Becca oldest, Sydney second ) Yes I know what you are thinking we are Liam Payne's little sisters. After he left for X-factor we have not seen him since. What Liam does not know is that after mom died our dad has made us move out of England. He comes home drunk almost every night and takes it out on us he thinks it is our fault that mom died, but what happens when they run away and meets Harry, and Niall. Guess you will just have to find out for yourself. <3 :)


7. The Nighmare





(It was about 1 week after Liam left and about a Month after mum died. Dad was starting to come home drunk a little Becca didn't worry about it since Becca was only 13 and Sydney was 12.)


I was sitting home doing my homework and my dad burst through the door. I was in my room and he was downstairs and so was my sister. 'IT'S ALL Y'ALL'S FUCKING FAULT SHE DIED!'  he yelled I heard a scream and went downstairs. Sydney was sitting on the floor and her cheek was swollen red.

'What did you do!' I screamed. 'What does it look like you bitch I slapped her!' he screamed in my face. He through me down on the floor with a slap. He started to kick me he grabbed and iron rod out of the fireplace and lifted my shirt and pierced my skin with the hot metal rod.

I screamed but barely anything came out. he did that about 6 times on my back and the pain was indescribable. He kept kicking me in my stomach and then he kicked my legs. he grabbed my hair and yanked me up. Then through me back down and he slammed my head on the edge of the coffee table. 

I screamed in pain and looking down at the puddle of blood that was forming from my head. 'Stop!' I screamed but he just laughed and took his belt off and started making slash marks on my face legs arms stomach. 

I was crying and screaming until I started to feel dizzy and light headed. The last thing I saw was my dad laughing and I looked at my sister who was crying and shaking looking scared at our 'dad' then I blacked out.



I woke up with Harry shaking me and trying to wake me up I darted straight up and screamed then realized all the boys and Sydney were standing around me. 'Are you ok? You've been screaming for the past 30 minutes.' Harry said. I looked at Sydney and she knew what it was about I have been dealing with his abuse more than she has. I nodded to her. 'Yeah, j-j-just a nightmare.' I stuttered looking around. 'I'm fine.' I said and shooed them away they all left.

'Do you want to tell me what your nightmare was about?' Harry asked looking into my brown eyes. 'Not now, but I will one day.' I said looking into his green eyes. He hugged me and we fell back asleep like that.



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