No One But You ( Harry Styles-Niall Horan-fan fiction )

This is about two sisters named Becca, and Sydney Payne. ( Becca oldest, Sydney second ) Yes I know what you are thinking we are Liam Payne's little sisters. After he left for X-factor we have not seen him since. What Liam does not know is that after mom died our dad has made us move out of England. He comes home drunk almost every night and takes it out on us he thinks it is our fault that mom died, but what happens when they run away and meets Harry, and Niall. Guess you will just have to find out for yourself. <3 :)





Becca's (POV)


I was sitting in Zayn's room watching him draw. 'Your really good at drawing.' I said. 'Thanks.' he said. 'You still mad at Liam?' he asked. 'Yeah, he can't just stand the fact that i'm growing up and there's nothing he can do about it.' I said. 'He needs to understand the fact that he can't boss you around forever, why don't you just date Harry and not care about what Liam thinks?' he says. 'Because I want him to know that he can't control me and that if he thinks I hate him he will eventually figure that out, and I wouldn't want Liam always to be mad at Harry cause I really don't want you guys to break up just because of this fight.' I said.

I got up and went down stairs towards the kitchen to get a glass of coke. When I walked in there was Harry standing there. 'Hey.' I said. 'Hey.' he said back I grabbed the coke and jumped on top of the counter. Harry walked in between my legs. I looked up from my hands and locked gaze with those familiar green ones that I love so much. 'Why do we have to listen to Liam?' he asked. 'Cause I don't want you guys to bre-.' before I could finish his lips crashed into mine and my arms flew up behind his neck while one of his hands was on my cheek while the other was on my waist at the moment I didn't care what was going on inside my head I just wanted to forget it.

He brought me closer to him as I wrapped my legs around his torso. I quickly realized what I was doing and pushed Harry back. 'I'm sorry Harry we just can't.' I said about to leave when he grabbed my wrists. 'Why can't you just forget about Liam he's not here and even if he was he can't control us!' he yelled his green eyes going dark. 'Because Harry I don't want you and him to cause the whole fight to loose control to where you can't fix it!' I yelled right back. 'You need to learn that you are an adult and your independent! You still haven't even figured it out.' he yelled and whispered the last part. 'Figured what out!?' I yelled confused. 'You haven't figured out that I'm in love with you yet!!' he yelled. Tears started rolling down my cheeks. He let go of my wrists and walked out before I could say anything else. He's right why can't I just not listen to Liam but it's not that easy. 

I turned only to see Liam he had a smile on his face. He walked over to the fridge like nothing ever happened. 'See what you did I can't believe you! You just can't let go, you don't even care that I'm in pain cause of this! Why can't you just let go, I can't do this anymore! I can't walk around Liam when Harry and you are everywhere and act like nothing ever happened! This is the first time that i've actually fell in love with a guy and you can't let me have it!' I yelled trying to catch my breathe. 'What are you talking about you can't go around like this what do you mean?' he asked. 'I mean I'm leaving i'm not staying here the only person that I can actually go to is Zayn cause he's like another brother to me, but he is understanding!' I yelled. I ran upstairs and began packing right as I came through the door Zayn was standing there worried. 

'Becca please don't leave.' he pleaded. 'I can't stay here I don't want to!' I yelled crying. 'I'm not letting you pack!' he yelled. I turned around and ran down the stairs Zayn hot on my tail I was about to grab the handle when I felt Zayn's arms around my waist. 'WHAT THE HELL LET ME GO!!' I screamed. 'Louis, Niall!' he called. Soon enough they came down stairs and tried to hold me back from the door. 'LET ME GO I DON'T WANT TO STAY HERE!!!' I yelled.

I kept struggling but it was no use, but I wasn't going to give up. 'Let me go I can't stay here please.'

I was gasping for air from the crying and struggling. We all stood there not moving and me sobbing I realized that if they weren't going to let me escape then I have to except that.

​But this was all to much for me I don't want to be here if me and Liam are going to fight and we are never happy. Harry basically hates me and i'm just making problems for everyone. 

They loosened their grip and I ran, not to the front door but to the bathroom they were right behind me and I think they knew where this was going.

I looked for a razor and I couldn't find anything. 'Open the door ReBecca!' Liam called. 'NO!' I yelled. I finally found one and made a cut on my left wrist I screamed out in pain. 'REBECCA OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!!' I heard Zayn yell. I cut again and screamed. And again and again while screaming at the top of my voice. 

The pain was like no other. 'Becca please open up!' Harry yelled, he sounded desperate. I screamed once again while cutting again again again and again till I was sitting in a pool of blood with 15 deep cuts on my wrist.

Then everything fell silent for a minute and the boys now started freaking out then the door burst open. While I was standing there about to faint holding the sink to keep me standing.


Liam's (POV)


We all knew what she was doing once she ran to the bathroom. 'Open the door ReBecca!' I yelled through the door Harry now joining us. Why didn't I just let her I know I can't control her but it's just hard to let go. Especially after what dad did to her. I only let Sydney date Niall cause she wasn't abused as bad as Becca was and for some reason I just wanted to let them but I know I need to be fair to Becca so I HAVE to let go. I n-. My thoughts were interrupted by an ear piercing scream. 'REBECCA OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!!' Zayn yelled.

Harry was freaking out by now he was searching for something to open the door with. We heard more screamed after that. I was getting scared.

Harry moved everyone out of the way and he kicked the door down. WOW, he was really worried maybe I should trust him.

He knocked the door open and right as he did that I was about to cry Becca was standing there with her head down hands gripping the sink and a pool of blood dripping down her arms onto the floor.

'BECCA!' Harry yelled. Right then she dropped right down to the ground with Harry attempting to catch her.

'Please no Becca! Becca! Don't leave please!' Harry screamed tears falling down his face onto hers as he held her fragile body. He had her blood all over his clothes and hands but he didn't care. I just stood there shocked not being able to move so did the other boys.

Harry picked her up bridle-style and ran out the door. All the cars were gone cause if we needed something we would have to just call Paul but there was no time.


Harry's (POV)


I ran down the street and ran to the nearest hospital with Becca in my arms trying to find the nearest hospital. There was a few fans following me but I just kept running even though there was blood all over my clothes and hers I didn't care I just wanted her safe and alive. There was now a crowd behind me of screaming teenage fans but I made it to the hospital with no security the fans came right up to me as I was looking for help.

'Who's she Harry?!' A girl asked me but I wasn't focused right now. A doctor came up to me and pulled a gurney up. I sat her down and they wheeled her down to a room they wouldn't let me follow them so I was swarmed by fans.

'Why do have blood all over you?!' one girl yelled. I pushed past them all and sat down in a hall where her room was with my head in my hands crying for her to be okay.

The boys finally made it. 'Harry where is she?!' Liam yelled over the screaming fans. I pointed to the door in front of me and he sighed in relief. Zayn took his phone out and called security. They showed up in 5 minutes and made the fans stay 10 feet away while Paul came up to me. 'Damn it Harry why didn't you call us there are fans swarming you guys we can't get them to leave now!' Paul yelled. I stood up. 'I couldn't call you in case you haven't noticed I was trying to save Liam's sister from dying if I called you she wouldn't have made it!' I yelled.

'I didn't know that i'm sorry.' he said. 'No i'm sorry I shouldn't have yelled at you.' I said. I sat back down while Paul got the girls to leave. 'Harry?' I looked up to see Liam. 'Yeah.' I said he sat down beside me. 'Listen i'm sorry that I didn't trust you. I don't know why I didn't but thank you for saving her that really shows that I can trust you.' he said. I smiled. 'Your welcome, listen I should have asked you before I kissed her it's just I was going to asks you but I just got caught up in what was happening that I forgot.' I said. 'I totally understand and I give you permission to date her I was a total prick about it and I hope you can forgive me?' he asked.

'Of course I can't stay mad at my best mate.' I said and hugged him. 'Excuse me but who is here to see ReBecca Payne?' a doctor said, we all stood up and said 'me'. 'Only one at a time please.' he said. Liam ushered me to go inside. 'Go and make her day Hazza.' he said and I knew what he meant. I walked inside and Becca looked up and back down. 

I walked over to her bedside. 'Becca please look at me?' I asked. She looked up at me as I sat on her bed. 'Why?' is all I asked. She started crying I hugged her while rubbing her back in circles. (tip listen to 'Half A Heart' by One Direction for this chapter)

'I couldn't take it Harry being apart from you to the fights with Liam and the yelling, I just didn't want it any longer.' she said. and hugged me back. 'Well you don't have to worry about that anymore cause Liam apologized for being a prick and I apologized for not asking him first and he gave me the permission.' I said smiling down at her she smiled back up at me. 

​'So in that case….Becca Réne Payne will you please be my girlfriend?' I asked. She quickly nodded and kissed me I kissed back while smiling. Then someone cleared their throat and we both pulled apart looking at Liam. 'Break it up you to my turn to see my sister.' he said smiling and hugging Becca then the rest of the boys piled in…..wait what happened to 'Only one at a time please.' thing. I guess the boys took advantage of the GIRL doctor. Oh well i'm here with Becca and I can't be anymore happier!



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