No One But You ( Harry Styles-Niall Horan-fan fiction )

This is about two sisters named Becca, and Sydney Payne. ( Becca oldest, Sydney second ) Yes I know what you are thinking we are Liam Payne's little sisters. After he left for X-factor we have not seen him since. What Liam does not know is that after mom died our dad has made us move out of England. He comes home drunk almost every night and takes it out on us he thinks it is our fault that mom died, but what happens when they run away and meets Harry, and Niall. Guess you will just have to find out for yourself. <3 :)


4. Li…Li…Li…!!!!!!


            Becca's (POV)



         I was sitting on the plane when I felt a tap on my shoulder I looked up to see a familiar tall guy with a chocolate mop of curls sitting neatly on his head. I remeambered I had seen this guy somewhere but I was not sure where wait HARRY FREAKIN' STYLES WAS STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! I did not say that though cause I did not want him to thank I was a freak.

          'Hi' he said. 'Hi' I said politely as I could 'This is my seat to, just thought I should let you know.' he said 'That's fine.' I said he sat down after putting his luggage in the cubby hole thingy I don't know who cares. '_'




        Harry's (POV)



                       After I sat down, all I could do was stare at this girl she's so pretty. 'So are you a fan?' I asked kind of scared that she would freak out. 'Yeah, I mean I am not one of those crazed fans who throw bras and stuff at you haha!' she said which made me chuckle a lot. 'So you've seen someone do that to me on stage I'm guessing?' I asked 'Yeah, it was funny that you had the bravery to pick it up!' she said while giggling.

              'So whats your name, I suppose you know who I am?' I asked sarcastically. 'My name is Becca and as a matter of fact I do know who you are.' She said she looks really familiar 'You look a lot like someone I know?' I said studying her face. 'If you say I look a lot like Liam Payne then let me tell you, you would not be the first to say that.'

                    'Well you do look a lot lik-' before I could get another word out she freaked out. 'Wait your in a band with him right?' I nodded slowly thinking that she would freak out and ask for his number or something. 'Where is he me and my sister want to see himlike now!' She said see this is what I was afraid of. 'Sydney, Harry said that Liam is on this plane right now!' she said earning stares. 'What!!! Where is big bro Harry!?!?!?!?' Sydney I am guessing said freaking out. GEEZ!! i thought. 'O.K gir- Wait big bro? What do you mean?!?!?' I asked super confused. 'Oh, umm..well you know how you said we looked a lot like him?' I nodded. 'Well that's because he is our brother!' She said kind of scared. All I could say was- 'Li…Li…Li…?'



​Author's Note: keys guys please comment and like I am not going to say how many likes I need before I update cause I will get bored and update anyway.<3



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