No One But You ( Harry Styles-Niall Horan-fan fiction )

This is about two sisters named Becca, and Sydney Payne. ( Becca oldest, Sydney second ) Yes I know what you are thinking we are Liam Payne's little sisters. After he left for X-factor we have not seen him since. What Liam does not know is that after mom died our dad has made us move out of England. He comes home drunk almost every night and takes it out on us he thinks it is our fault that mom died, but what happens when they run away and meets Harry, and Niall. Guess you will just have to find out for yourself. <3 :)


2. Introducing

       Becca's (POV)


          Hi my name is Rebecca Payne but people call me Becca for short. I know my last name is Payne I am Liam Payne's younger sista! HAHA!!

I am 19 years old my birthday is February 22, 1994. Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England, UK. My mom died when I 13 years old, not to long after Liam auditioned for X-factor. Me and Sydney were sad that he left and happy that he joined a band called One Direction, but we knew that our dad was there for us or so we thought. Our dad was now coming home drunk and he started to abuse us. He was afraid someone would find out so we had to move to Dallas, Texas. We all still had our accent a little bit but only so you could tell we were from England.

Here are pictures of me and my sisters in order from oldest to youngest:



Becca's Picture





Sydney's Picture: 18, Feb. 23, 1995




This is my family.


Author's Note: Hey Gurrrrlllsss!!!! I decided not to do the other's point of view since it is kind of the same so yeah i put there B-DAYS under their photos just to be easier and not waste time.










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