No One But You ( Harry Styles-Niall Horan-fan fiction )

This is about two sisters named Becca, and Sydney Payne. ( Becca oldest, Sydney second ) Yes I know what you are thinking we are Liam Payne's little sisters. After he left for X-factor we have not seen him since. What Liam does not know is that after mom died our dad has made us move out of England. He comes home drunk almost every night and takes it out on us he thinks it is our fault that mom died, but what happens when they run away and meets Harry, and Niall. Guess you will just have to find out for yourself. <3 :)


1. Author's Note :)

Hey peeps way up!? ok this is my first Movellas so NO HATIN NOW!!! ;) HAHA

Ok so the first chapter will be introducing us I will try not to put up as much Author's notes up. ATTENTION: HAHA…. anyway if you have any suggestions then please leave a comment down below and like!!!! :) <3

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