No One But You ( Harry Styles-Niall Horan-fan fiction )

This is about two sisters named Becca, and Sydney Payne. ( Becca oldest, Sydney second ) Yes I know what you are thinking we are Liam Payne's little sisters. After he left for X-factor we have not seen him since. What Liam does not know is that after mom died our dad has made us move out of England. He comes home drunk almost every night and takes it out on us he thinks it is our fault that mom died, but what happens when they run away and meets Harry, and Niall. Guess you will just have to find out for yourself. <3 :)


6. Arrangements



Becca's (POV)



This house was so huge I guess I shouldn't be that surprised since there fucking 1D!! 'Well girls Sydeny you will be sleeping with Niall since you are getting along and the others have girlfriends, and Becca same with you and Harry.' Liam said. 'Harry, Niall I am trusting you guys with my sisters so be careful.' he said seriously, they nodded.

Harry helped me with my bags and I was so happy at the moment, until I remembered my dad. I had to tell Liam this and I dreaded it more than anything. 'Something wrong love?' Harry asked as he noticed a tear fall down my cheek.

'Yeah, just really happy thats all.' I said trying to convince myself more than him. 'Ok, well since were done unpacking your stuff want to go watch a movie or something?' he asked. 'Sure, and again sorry if I overreacted earlier I just got a bit excited.' I said looking down.

'It's fine.' he said. 'It's just I haven't seen him for almost 6 years and I guess it was kind of hard.' I said wiping away the tears that slipped out. He hugged me and grabbed my hands. We walked downstairs and joined the boys and Syd watching typical….Toy Story.

We were in the middle of it when I heard a car horn beep from outside. I immediately jumped  up noticing that only ONE person I knew did that. I went outside and my best friend that I met in Texas. 

'EMILY!!' I screamed. 'BECCA!!' she returned back. 'I brought your truck over because I got your text that you were leaving, so here you go you crazy bitch!' she yelled the last part. That's Emily for you. 'Hey Emily.' Sydney said walking towards us. 'Hey Syd.' she said hugging her.

​'I can't believe you kept this old truck.' Liam said walking up to us. 'I would never get rid of it and dad would never buy me one….' I said drifting off at the end. 'How's dad?' I was not ready to answer this question. 'So it's nice seeing you are you staying in London.' I said to Emily trying to drop the subject. 'Well my boyfriend broke up with me back in Texas so I am taking a break and moving to London I have a nice little apartment.' She said smiling.

(couple hours later)


Emily left a few minutes ago and I was laying in bed with Harry. He was already asleep and I was thinking all about everything. When was I going to tell Liam? How was I going to tell him? How would he react? All these thoughts made my head pound and with that I drifted to sleep.


Author's Note: Sorry about all these boring chaps but it will get better.

​WARNING: the next chapter will be a little graphic NOT sexually but painful….I guess?

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