Jessica Miller is a dreamer. You could even say that her mind lives in the clouds. Her imagination is like the world's door to perfection, but she doesn't know how to control her dreams and thoughts. She needs to figure out how while also trying to figure why she has this gift.


2. Mind Games

I can see you, I can feel your soul. Banging up against the door to heaven. Jessica heard these words day after reached day. Acting like the streets were a battle field that never let the innocent go. Jessica was innocent, yet those words wouldn't stop repeating. Jessica had her secrets just like everybody else in the world. As a little girl Jessica's dad would tell her that the limit passes the sky, but Jessica felt like those words had no meaning because she never felt like she could get out of a little corner. Jessica knew there was no limit to her imagination but her mind wouldn't let her get through a dream. It was like the mind games came from the mind itself. SHUT UP! Jessica screamed in her head. Was she going certifiably INSANE, or was she some sick toy in a backwards plot of her mind. The games are exhausting, and the mind works harder when you think you're gone, but the worst part of Jessica's head was the thoughts that never left, the suffering, the pain, the joy, and everyone who ever hurt or loved her...

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