Jessica Miller is a dreamer. You could even say that her mind lives in the clouds. Her imagination is like the world's door to perfection, but she doesn't know how to control her dreams and thoughts. She needs to figure out how while also trying to figure why she has this gift.


1. Dreams

The room was dark but you could see the little specks of light through the cracks in the cream gloss walls. You could understand the thrills and chills of the footsteps coming closer as your stomach felt like it was going to fall out of her. Her muscles became tense as if she was paralyzed in that one spot. The old creeking door made her heart drop, while it would beat 100 times a second. The slammed shut. She wanted to scream but she had no voice. Whew! It was only a dream. Jessica is a dreamer, a girl with passion and fiery spunk. Mom I had the dream again. Jessica said exasperatedly. Don't worry about it honey, everyone is afraid of something that shows up in their dreams. Her mother replied. But that's the thing mom, I don't know what it is, all I know is that I'm in a room and light shows up through little cracks in the wall, then I hear footsteps and the door creeks open, then finally the door slams shut, and I try to scream but my voice is gone, and then I wake up. Jessica's dreams never really ever made much sense. Jessica, I guarantee that if you stay in your dream, you will understand why you are having these dreams. Jessica never could ever understand things as well as everyone else. Her head was always in the clouds...

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