Where Your Destiny Lies

Jessica Hale always felt that she had been born in the wrong time period. She had loved to learn about things like medieval castles and princesses and myths. Especially the myths and TV shows about Arthur and Merlin, Merlin being her all time favorite. But when she wakes up along with her three best friends in a different dimension, she knows something is wrong.


1. When Destiny Changes

 "Hello Darlings!" I said walking up to my friends as usual. But in my mind I was Morgana strutting up to the maids in Uther's castle to gossip along side them. It was a more entertaining way of seeing things.

 "Hey Jessie!" My best friend Lisette pulled me into a quick hug. "We still on for the Merlin marathon tonight?" She asked as she pulled away.

 "Of course. Only one class left and then MERLIN!" I jumped up and down as I fangirled ignoring the stares of my other two best friends Chris and Sean.

 "Tell me again why you guys are so obsessed with that show? It's just a bunch of guys running around and fighting." Chris asked. 

 "A bunch of hot guys! Specifically Bradley James and Collin Morgan! Plus the awesome battles, amazing plot and super cute love story!" Lizzie and I squealed in unison.

 "If you guys joined us for once, you would realize the awesomeness." I said simply before waving and running off to eighth period as the bell rung. After counting down the minutes eighth period finally ended and I ran to my locker. I got there without any problems and quickly threw my stuff into my locker. Then I waited impatiently for Lizzie.

 "Hey guys. Mind if we join the marathon today? Practice got canceled." Sean and Chris walked up to Lizzie's locker. 

 "Sure. Why not?" I said grinning. "The more the merrier!" And then we were off. And somehow within this little conversation, all of our destinies changed.

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