Where Your Destiny Lies

Jessica Hale always felt that she had been born in the wrong time period. She had loved to learn about things like medieval castles and princesses and myths. Especially the myths and TV shows about Arthur and Merlin, Merlin being her all time favorite. But when she wakes up along with her three best friends in a different dimension, she knows something is wrong.


3. Tournaments, Morgana and Merlin

 After I finally wake her up Lizzie decides to freak out, and fangirl a little too much. Which is why I've now been assigned to the task of finding Gaius and Merlin's rooms. Which at first seemed like a small task. Well let's put it this way. Camelot's castle is HUGE. I walked around aimlessly until low and behold I find Merlin's quarters. The hell? Did I just say quarters? Ugh. I sound like I'm from here by now. "Merlin." I said knocking on the door politely. I hear the clang of stuff and feet shuffling before Merlin appears at the door.

 "Oh hey Jessica" He said blushing slightly. I peeked into his room and saw just what I had suspected. All the items for the episode Valiant lying on the floor. Lovely. A evil man with snakes is about to show up.

 "If your busy I can go to try to find Gaius. It's just Lizzie passed out and I couldn't carry her and I don't know. Anyways I told you. Call me Jess. I hate Jessica, it sounds so formal." I said nudging him slightly. 

 "Except when Arthur says it." He says nudging me back. I blushed profusely. "Anyways I'll help you get her. So you excited to see your brother and Arthur fighting for Camelot tomorrow?" He asked as we made our way back to my room.

 "Uh... yeah. I feel bad for Morgana though she has to be a prize." I said. I hated that. Morgana was seen as a prize and it was disgusting. I had hated the entire episode pretty much for that fact.

 "Don't forget you are too darling. Anyways did you know your maidservant is passed out?" Morgana said from the top of the stairs we were climbing. WHAT THE FUDGE?! I'M A PRIZE! No, nope, nada, non, NO FREAKING WAY. ARTHUR YOU HAD BETTER FREAKING WIN.

 "Yes Morgana, I know. Both I guess." I said to her as calmly as I could.

 "Merlin could you be a dear and grab Lizzie and bring her to Gaius while we chat?" Morgana sweet talked Merlin into doing what she asked. He nodded like a little kid and went to get Lizzie. So now I get to talk to Morgana... I wonder what I'll learn about 'my life' next.

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