Where Your Destiny Lies

Jessica Hale always felt that she had been born in the wrong time period. She had loved to learn about things like medieval castles and princesses and myths. Especially the myths and TV shows about Arthur and Merlin, Merlin being her all time favorite. But when she wakes up along with her three best friends in a different dimension, she knows something is wrong.


5. Tournament Days and Magic

 The next couple days were one's I detested. The tournament had only begun and there was already tons of blood. I was so concerned for Chris's safety. I swore when he dropped out I almost threw a party, I wouldn't be able to stand the idea of him, Lizzie or Sean or even Arthur and Merlin getting hurt. I have no idea what I'd do if that were to happen. The tournament finally had started to come to a close when it was the semifinals. I noticed Merlin becoming more secretive so I followed him occasionally. Then it happened he got the statue to change into a real dog. "I knew it!" I shrieked as I shut the door behind me.

 "Jessica! I can totally explain!" He tried to cover up his magic but I didn't care. I was to busy being hyper.

 "Don't worry my lips are sealed. Merlin this is so cool! Omigod! Arthur's going to be fighting any minute! You need to prove the shield is magic! Go! I'll catch up and talk to you later!" I said shoving him out of his room. He got to the field in perfect time me following seconds after. I watched Arthur and Valiant as they exchanged blows. It was so elegant and at the same time disgusting and brutal. I couldn't help but be fascinated. Once Merlin chanted the words again the snakes were alive and Arthur, following the usual track of the episode, is given a sword by Morgana and kills Valiant. After which I'm dragged by Merlin back to his quarters.

 "Why aren't you going to tell?" Was the first thing he asked. I laughed casually. I knew he was going to ask this so I just answered how I'd planned before I'd even met him.

 "Because. I want my friend alive not dead. Plus magic? That's amazing Merlin! It's just whoa! I can't even begin to say how amazing it is!" I said as he watched my reaction.

 "How did you-" He began to speak, but I cut him off. "Figure it out? I don't really know. I saw your eyes change color a couple times and well curiousity killed the cat!" I said smiling. "Merlin. It's okay. I promise. I won't tell. Anyways do you know if Gaius has any left over potion from Morgana. I'm pretty sure her nightmares are contagious. I haven't gotten sleep in ages." I said as we walked from his quarters to Gaius's workroom. He laughed and I got to say, maybe just maybe I could fit in here.

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