Where Your Destiny Lies

Jessica Hale always felt that she had been born in the wrong time period. She had loved to learn about things like medieval castles and princesses and myths. Especially the myths and TV shows about Arthur and Merlin, Merlin being her all time favorite. But when she wakes up along with her three best friends in a different dimension, she knows something is wrong.


4. Meeting Valiant

 "So I heard you told Arthur to shut up?" Morgana burst into a fit of giggles. I giggled as we walked up the stairs.

 "I might have. And he might have apologized and kissed my cheek." I fangirled a bit with Morgana. This was the Morgana I loved when the series started. She was headstrong, cool and confident a lot like myself.

 "Oh la la! Any who we should get ready for the feast!" So with saying that Morgana grabbed me and decided to have Gwen help get me ready for the feast as well.

 Later that night Lizzie finally awoke. After I got a glimpse of her however I had to run because apparently if I was late to the feast Uther would have my head. Of course he would. As the feast began I stood next to Morgan and Uther. I had found out earlier that apparently my brother was none other than one of my fabulous best friends Chris. "Knight Valiant of the Western Isles sir." Valiant finally was introduced formally. Ew. Creep. The usual dialogue went down until he got to me. "Milady. I hear if I win the tournament I get to take you to the feast in a few days." What?! He was supposed to say that to Morgana.

 "Yes. I suppose the champion does get the choice of taking Morgana or I to the feast." I said slowly. Ew, ew ,ew. No way was I going to the feast with this creeper.

 "Then I'll give my everything to win." I mentally ew'd as he said this and heard Morgana continue on with her usual dialogue to Gwen. Then Arthur appeared. Thank god for that.

 "Morgana, Jessica." He smiled a bit at me. I held back a giggle.

 "They seem quite impressed with Knight Valiant." Morgana pointed out as per usual. I nodded in agreement.

 "They do, don't they. What do you think Arthur?" I asked him smirking a bit.

 "He seems good enough." He said glaring at Morgana and I. I giggled a bit behind my hand.

 "I hope he wins." Morgana said playfully to me.

 "You don't mean that." I said shoving her gently. Arthur laughed a bit at our antics.

 "Oh but I do." She said wistfully. With that we all broke into simuntanious laughter and went off to enjoy the feast.

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