Where Your Destiny Lies

Jessica Hale always felt that she had been born in the wrong time period. She had loved to learn about things like medieval castles and princesses and myths. Especially the myths and TV shows about Arthur and Merlin, Merlin being her all time favorite. But when she wakes up along with her three best friends in a different dimension, she knows something is wrong.


2. Camelot, Gwen and Arthur

  "Marathon begins in t-minus two minutes!" I said grinning at my friends once we finally arrived back at my house. I quickly threw my stuff down and ran to make popcorn. But all that effort was for nothing, because as soon as I turned the TV on it flashed white and before I knew what had happened I was already out cold.
  When I finally woke up I was in a very comfortable bed in a big lavish room. I got to say it looked a lot like Morgana's but instead of a more red and gold coloring it was more blue and silver. I got up and quietly looked around but before I could explore a bit more I was brought out of my thoughts by a voice. "Did you have another nightmare Lady Jessica?" I spun around quickly to see Gwen standing before me. GWEN?! And did she just call me Lady Jessica?! So we're in Camelot. Lovely.

  "I'm fine Gwen. Honestly you worry about me too much." I say trying to play the part  of a high society Camelot citizen.

  "Morgana loves you. She considers you a sister even though you just became Uther's ward Jessica. She'd have my head if I didn't make sure you were okay. I'm sorry it's not Lisette checking on you. With bumping her head yesterday however I understand." Gwen said. So I'm Uther's ward. Fantastic.

  "Oh don't worry. I'll wake her up just before I need to start getting ready. She should rest up." I said. Okay so I know where Lizzie is. That makes me feel a lot better about myself right now.

 "Anyways how's Arthur?" Gwen asked winking at me. Arthur? What? I like Arthur?! Okay slow down the story please. I do not get this. It must be first season or something. Guess I'll play it safe for right now.

 "I don't have a clue what your talking about Gwen. Anyways how's Merlin?" I teased her back playfully.

 "Oh shut up." At that we burst into a girlish giggling fit. This was actually quite entertaining.

 "How about that Jessica, shutting up. That would be quite entertaining!" A voice said. Without even looking I could tell who it was.

 "Oh really? It'd be quite entertaining if you tried to do the same Arthur." I said sassily as I turned to face him.

 "Hm... Maybe it would but probably not." He said without skipping a beat. He smirked in apparent victory.

 "Oh but it would be lovely. Don't you have training or something to get too?" I asked impatiently. I do not like first season Arthur. Oops, oh well. Too bad, so sad. I wonder if Merlin is his manservant yet. Merlin is the one along with Gwen to knock Arthur into place. Oh wait. Of course Merlin's his manservant by now. I made a Merlin joke with Gwen.

 "Yes. But not for an hour. So I can happily bother you." He said sitting carelessly next to me and wrapping his arm around me. By now I saw Gwen in the corner in a fit of giggles pretending to pick out a pair of shoes with the dress she had laid out for me.

 "Aw. Don't you have something better to do with your life?" I said fake smiling at him.

 "Yes. I have a bunch of paperwork and royal duties. Which is why I came by to apologize. I'm sorry I wasn't there yesterday when I promised I would come with you to show you around town and the woods." He said sincerely. Wow. Had Arthur actually apologized? Wow. Wow. Wow.

 "It's okay. I know you were busy. Anyways I should get ready. Long day ahead. Enjoy training Arthur. I'll see you later okay." I said standing slowly. He stood as well. We were like that for a very long time. Or at least it seemed like a really long time.

 "I'll see you later Jessica." He lightly kissed my cheek before disappearing. Well shit. When Lizzie wakes up we have a lot of catching up to do. It hasn't even been an hour and Camelot is already changing with our presence.

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