A tale of a Dragon

A chirping sound is heard in the Skalkaar forest, the sound of a new life. Under the branches of a big tree a dragoness hatches, her head as black as the earth surrounding the Deadlands. and with stripes so dark they seemed like the night-sky. As she opened her eyes, a purple light shined from them and she cheerfully began yipping at the sun, just visible between the high trees.
(this is a fan-fiction of the game Istaria. please, tell me if you play as I would love being friends with you in there! my name is PurpleShadow Mountain. and this is my characters tale. BY THE WAY!: I NEED HELP TRANSLATING AS IM DANISH ITS HARD WRITING PERFECTLY IN ENGLISH. SO IF YOU THINK YOU CAN HELP, PLEASE SAY SO ^^)


1. Skalkaar (part one, the forest)

Slumbering in the sun, the dark hatchling was quickly awakened by a strange, harsh scent. Sneaking closer, a gruok was grassing on the other sides of some bushes. Thought she had no mother, nor father the hatchling tensed her muscles making her body ready for the kill.


The gruok wasn't quite big, the size of her head to be exact, but instinctively she new she had to watch out for the tusks. Closing in, her stomach almost touching the ground as she crouched some meters from the unknowing creature. She jerked her hind legs up, sending her in a big leap toward the gruok, biting hard down on the animal. It began bucking and screaming, sending her flying through the air, backwards. She hit a rock, and began gasping after air. In front of her, the gruok was charging towards her, full speed.


A crushing sound was heard in the Skalkaar forest. The hatchling had barely survived, she had just managed to roll a bit away, and the gruok was now crushed into the rock. Sitting down, she began eating the dead animal.


A red hatchling with green spots greeted her, as she walked into a clearing. Around her was a shrine and a fountain. She nodded in reply and stalked towards him. He was skilled, she could tell. Bigger and stronger than her, he told her to go greet a dragon named Karkath.


As she finally glanced at him for the first time, she was shocked. He was big, almost like the smallest trees in the forest, and even they where big. Smiling he opened his mouth, a deep voice came from it. Karkath told her to go get a grulet tusk for him, the tusk of a gruok.


Many hours after she finally returned, holding a tusk between her teeth. The sun was now beginning to disappear in the horizon, casting long shadows over the land. Nodding, the big, adult drake told her to go find and kill a spider hatchling. She obeyed even though she was very tired after her battles with the gruoks.


The spider was even bigger than the gruok, and stronger. Hissing she threw herself at the creature, biting furiously down at the legs. The moon slowly rose as she fought, clawing up the ground. In one last attempt she opened her mouth in what should have been a roar, but instead was flames. red, hot flames. The spider was killed and she lifted the body, every muscle in her body was hurting but, she did not stop. Karkath blinked, as she spat out the spider in front of him. He nodded again but, this time he did not want her to go back to the forest, no. he sent the hatchling the other way, and she began walking, dragging one leg after the other.



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